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Delon Armitage suspended for five weeks for two incidents

smack on.

6 Years, 7 Months ago

Sam Warburton red card in Rugby World Cup Semi Final

Being a neutral for this one, i was definitely disappointed at the decision, it was a definite red card but as said earlier based on decisions made already in the world cup over these kind of tackles it would have been more consistent to be given a yellow. A decision like that should have at least been discussed with the touch judges, as it has had a big impact on the outcome of the world cup. In saying that im much happier as an aussie to vs. france than wales in the final.

6 Years, 8 Months ago

Delon Armitage suspended for dangerous tackle on Chris Paterson

what planet are you on mate how in any way is this good,
not one of those hit anything but the head, and every player was suffering from a head injury after no matter how severe, and just because a player can keep going is irrelevant as a brain has the ability for a lot more than to run around into someone else.
And sports that to aim to injure someone to win does not require skill in anyway just a lucky hit which is unfortunate for many mma fighters who are highly skilled and get KO by one lucky punch.
Big hits are part of the business but being able to take someone's head off is not so special or tackle properly in the first place (Anthony fainga rwc 2011 Ireland).

6 Years, 8 Months ago