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Ma'a Nonu puts the shoulder into former team mate Piri Weepu

Gaelic football, aussie rules, hurling, ice hockey, american football, soccer in old days...not entirely sure it should be legalized given how it may become dangerous if it was a blindside hit..

Even so, it's not nearly as dangerous as some are making it out to be..It will hurt the player for sure, but rugby is about hurting a guy in the tackle, not seriously obviously but winding a guy or giving him a few sore ribs etc...In terms of serious injury, so long as it is shoulder to shoulder (side on) then there really isn't much more danger involved than a guy getting absolutely creamed after catching an up and under...

1 Year, 6 Months ago

Ma'a Nonu puts the shoulder into former team mate Piri Weepu

While it is illegal, I don't see why shoulder charges so long as it is shoulder vs shoulder should be illegal..Of course shoulder charges to the chest and back can be dangerous but shoulder charges to the ball carrier's shoulder are allowed in plenty of physical sports and personally I don't see how it is any more dangerous than your average big tackle..

1 Year, 6 Months ago

Six Nations Week Four Highlights Wrap

Agree with Aston and Heaslip, but have to disagree with Kearney..he has arguably been Ireland most consistent performer(in the backs anyway) throughout the championship, has yet to make a mistake..Adding to that, he is the best fielder of the ball at FB in the world probably and has set up a lot of good go forward ball when running kicks back, I'd say he should almost certainly go and at the moment I'd have him starting...

1 Year, 7 Months ago

Darren Cave picks up concussion after two big tackles vs Treviso

I completely agree that it's not dangerous, but do you remember Ferris' tackle last year against Wales was deemed dangerous by the citing commisioner?

1 Year, 7 Months ago

Darren Cave picks up concussion after two big tackles vs Treviso

While i agree that second tackle is completely legal and fine, I've seen far less get carded and cited etc..just goes to show the inconsistencies which are plaguing the game at the moment..

Not really sure about cave being BOD's successor..The centre partnership in a few years time will probable be Marshall and Earls or Marshall and McFadden..Although if Cave does keep putting in good performances then he will likely get his shot at the Irish set up(if Kidney is gone or gets a new attitude towards bringing guys into the squad)...The more competition we have the better...

1 Year, 7 Months ago

Scotland go back to back with tense victory over Ireland

Ireland simply not clinical enough..Just as in the England game, they butchered any good chances they created either through poor decision making or simple mistakes..

Marshall should be at inside centre for the remainder of the championship at least, whether Darcy is fit or not..Wouldn't mind seeing Jackson start the rest of the games if Sexton doesn't recover in time also..the game time would give him a chance to earn some valuable experience..if not him then madigan..ROG was an excellent outhalf but he doesn't seem up to it anymore and its time to give the younger guys some real game time to build towards the next world cup..

Great to see Scotland getting a good run of results at last, but unfortunately I dont think you can read too much into todays i thought with the England match it seemed that ireland lost the game rather than Scotland won it..I dont think I could pick any other top 10 nation in the world who could enjoy over 70% possession and lose the match...I would like to see some of the scottish boys go on the lions tour though..Jim hamilton and Hogg especially..

All in all, looking like another forgettable six nations for Ireland..I don't hold much hope for our next game against France..even with the French not playing up to their usual level I see their pack doing untold damage in the scrum and starving Ireland of possession..

1 Year, 7 Months ago

Sergio Parisse red carded and banned for insulting referee

If i got sent off wrongly I and any other normal human being would not take it lightly either..if he was sent off wrongly then he has justification for being annoyed..obviously if he did insult the referee then he deserved his card because that sort of ting has no place in rugby and should have no place in any other sport either...

people like to come on here and act like they would have just walked off quietly in the same situation, but I can't judge anybody for not giving out a bit if he was sent off wrongly...

1 Year, 8 Months ago

Alfie To'oala superman tackle and Ed Williamson flying clearout

Deserved a yellow for first hit, late with no attempt to wrap or use the arms...However there's no need for a citing or a ban imo..

Regarding the second incident I'm pretty sure there's a rule which means that as a ball carrier you're not allowed to jump into an oncoming tackler..but I dunno about jumping into rucks etc..

then again he made no use to bind and he made no attempt to stay on his feet so the penalty and probably more might have been deserved...

I really don't know the specifics of the rule book so correct me if I'm wrong...

1 Year, 8 Months ago

Antoine Battut cited after straight red card for knee against Munster

Knee to the head....Red card completely justified, even though it guaranteed Munster a place in the quarters ahead of Leinster :(...

Anybody claiming this is not a red card is an idiot plain and simple...he knees a defenseless man in the head..I'm all for fisticuffs and a few punches being merely a yellow at most, but you cant allow men to go around dropping knees in rucks...Sounds like people have sour grapes on here, and don't like the fact that Munster got through....

On a side note, I do believe they need to restructure the HC group stages...Maybe have less groups/less teams..At the moment only two second place teams make it through, meaning if you draw a group with some of the weaker teams you have a huge advantage of making it through to the knockout stages...

I know I'm probably biased here butlLook at the Leinster this year for an example..They put it right up to Clermont twice, most likely eventual champions, while missing 3 of their most dangerous players, yet they are demoted to the amlin cup while teams who got by mostly based on the strength of the group they were drawn proceed...Even if they were to have playoffs amongst all of the second placed teams to decide who joins the group winners in the quarters..

Here's hoping Ulster pull it off this year, but smart money on Toulon or Clermont..

1 Year, 8 Months ago

Munster's Ronan O'Gara facing ban for deliberate kick on Sean Cox

Not even on the same level as the Flannery kick, nor would I say it's worse than a straight up punch to the's more or less a trip and given is excellent disciplinary record, particularly in the HC (never cited before nor red carded) I don't think this warrants any sort of a ban at all...I would said yellow i it had of been spotted at the time...I would have also said yellow for the obstruction..I would have also said yellow for the blatant shoulder charge obstrution, but maybe a penalty here would have sufficed..

He has been cited though and it's almost certain that some sort of ban will be handed out..Hopefully the board sees sense and makes it a minimal one..

1 Year, 9 Months ago

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