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The Beast's power saves Anton Bresler from disaster, twice

Excellent idea!!
Another question, is it illegal to climb on another player's shoulders? If not then surely a two-week training with the Shanghai Gymnastic Club would help the Sharks form a human tower (with the Beast and the Du Plessis brothers at the bottom) to prevent their opponent's converted kicks from going through the posts.

5 Years, 11 Months ago

Motu Matu'u massive hits and great sportsmanship against the Rebels

I was thinking a bit along the same lines. It's not that his tackle is illegal, it's that he hits the chest head on. I've always been told to tackle with my head to the side of a player's body, but Matu's hits head on. As a result there is no way that he can put his arms around the opponent at the same time, his arms go around later on, which accounts for the ballistic nature of these two tackles.
It accounts for great tackles, but at this rate Matu'u albeit strong will have to stop his rugby career early on for one of the following: neck injury, vertebral collapse, or worse.

6 Years, 1 Day ago

Catch up with Bhubesi Pride's African rugby coaching trip

I love how at the last stop in Tanzania the kids are watching a Rugbydump clip on the laptop!
Kids in some parts of the world must have really tough knees, elbows and shoulders, given how hard the grounds they play on look. It's awesome all the same.

6 Years, 4 Days ago

Mamuka Gorgodze and Yoann Maestri sent off in Toulouse vs Montpellier battle

My point of view: good job by the referee. I never mind a scuffle, or a punch going here or there, but this was not just one punch or two, this was a full-blown exchange that lasted a while.
And so, as it turned out that these two grown men (whom I both appreciate btw) didn't actually want to play rugby, well it was fine to have them leave the field. When will players start to understand that they have plenty of time off the field to fight with whoever they see fit? Sonny Bill Williams has figured this out, why can't everyone else?

6 Years, 2 Weeks ago

Ospreys into the RaboDirect Pro12 final with big win over Munster

Here I was sitting back thinking "wow!" at each try being scored, until that lame dance came for the last try ...
I'm definitely old-fashioned.

6 Years, 2 Weeks ago

Friday Funnies - Incredible winning try scored off multiple post rebounds

Wow, simply wow!

6 Years, 3 Weeks ago

Leinster hold out against Clermont to reach another Heineken Cup final

Well some whistles were heard from the first penalty to the last, but it wasn't a massive case of whistling, like on the two occasions I mention.
Of course this contrasts quite heavily with Irish fans who generally never boo.

6 Years, 3 Weeks ago

Leinster hold out against Clermont to reach another Heineken Cup final

Actually Clermont fans are considered to be among the best. Friendly as hell, great for providing entertainment, and none-booers. In this match they only mass-booed/whistled the kicker twice, on both occasions when they considered that Barnes had made a bad decision.
I personally like Wayne Barnes, no complaints there, but he sometimes lacks the guts to take hard decisions - there was one yellow card opportunity (D'Arcy kicking the ball away from the ruck, though blatantly offside), which I'm not saying should have been yellow, but should have at least had Barnes call D'Arcy over for a talk-down, as a warning of sorts.
Other than that it was a great achievement for Leinster, Clermont simply lacking strength at the end (and disadvantaged by early key injuries like Malzieu and Byrne). Leinster looked overall stronger than Clermont (particularly in the 2nd half), it's as simple as that!

6 Years, 3 Weeks ago

Darren Cave & Johan Muller hits plus highlights of first Heineken Cup semi final

As a partial neutral (because of the Auld Alliance), I thought the Terrblanche yellow card was very harsh. I know you're not supposed to have your hands come into contact with another player's face, and I know that at full speed it looked far worse than it really was, but if that is a yellow then Cullen in the semi against Clermont (punched a player) should have received an orange card.
I love Edinburgh's insistance of passing the ball around, but like Scotland's national team, they never do small chips over the defence, they never vary their attacks, so in the end they just end up tired and frustrated. It's a pity! Ulster look powerful, but I think Leinster is a tad stronger.

6 Years, 4 Weeks ago

Shaun Treeby scores for the Highlanders from Mike Delaney class

Very nice try!
But how the hell do they all run so fast? Is there less gravity pull in the Southern Hemisphere?
Disclaimer: I run 100 meters in slightly less than 7 minutes, seeing as how I'm a front rower

6 Years, 1 Month ago