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Ryan Lamb calls for TMO after high flying penalty

I've always wondered this. Especially how tennis has the technology to be able to determine if the ball hits the line with some very fine degrees of accuracy and its almost immediately. I don't think the IRB are emulating what FIFA have been doing for years and denying the need for advanced technology, so it would be interesting to see a hawkeye system be trialled. Especially in a stadium that has really short posts.

5 Years, 11 Months ago

Ryan Lamb calls for TMO after high flying penalty

I loved the shot of the white sky...perfect to tell whether the ball went over or not. Really really bad camera angles for the TMO to deal with.
Its always nice to see a ref go to the TMO though at the player's request

5 Years, 11 Months ago

Delon Armitage suspended for five weeks for two incidents

Totally agree with everything you say!

Stefan just makes himself look like an idiot. Anybody watching those clips can see that Delon is just up to his usual dirty tricks. How he is repeatedly picked for England, I'll never know. Not the type of player I want in the England side.

5 Years, 11 Months ago

Shane Williams flipped in huge double hit vs the Wallabies

I can't understand why there are people comparing this to Warburton's tackle?? This was nothing similar. He got flipped completely accidentally. He wasn't lifted and his legs taken above his head. Its a completely different set of rules.
I think people, who don't know much about rugby, are trying to apply one set of rules to everything else.
There is no letter of the law stating this is a penalty (OR any card). If we started giving penalties and cards for every freak accident in rugby it would be ridiculous

6 Years, 3 Days ago

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6 Years, 2 Weeks ago

Late Toulouse try against Agen leads to post match chaos

Considering he gave the 2nd penalty on the 5m line, I think its safe to assume that they were not 10m as not one of those players retreated to the 5m.
As soon as the Agen coaching staff knew what was happening (ie penalty for not retreating 10m) they didn't seem to be complaining. Waiting for the referee in the tunnel is despicable. Even in football these staff members would be banned and I hope they all get lengthy bans. This is not something anyone wants in rugby. Especially that guy in blue. If he was a fan, I'm pretty sure he'd have a ban from games imposed on him for assaulting security staff. The only subtitle I understood was to do with the scrum. Was he under the impression that you can't take a scrum as a penalty at the end of the game? I'm not sure why RD calls it "very strange refereeing". The players weren't back ten so a second penalty is given. Toulouse take a 5m scrum (which they are perfectly within their rights to do) and McAlister scores the try (he looks fantastic...too bad Henry fell out with him).
I think the security guards could have done with being a lot heavier handed. Those guys needed putting in their places.

6 Years, 2 Weeks ago

Delon Armitage suspended for dangerous tackle on Chris Paterson

If this had been dealt with at the time (I think its definitely a penalty, but not a yellow) then nothing more would have happened...Paterson has stooped low and its just unfortunate. I do find it bizarre that because the referee didn't deal with it on the pitch it becomes an 80 minute suspension. Are they saying that a challenge like that is a red card?
And yes if it happened to me in a game, i'd like to see a penalty given, but wouldn't like to see the man carded.

6 Years, 3 Weeks ago

Samoa's road to the Rugby World Cup 2011

The funding is something that definitely needs to be addressed and is about the only legitimate claim in that video. However, I did read that this world cup is being run at a loss, which explains a lot of the predicament. The funding issue needs to be addressed by the IRB and that can't be blamed on any other RFU.

I agree with most of what Dylan says. I am sure that ALL t1 teams would love for more competition. As if Wales or any other team is "scared" of Samoa. They thrive at the competition, as do all other teams.
The notion that a player can jump teams if he is no longer good enough to be picked for the all blacks is ridiculous. Football (soccer) makes you ineligible if you appear for 1 minute for a country and that is how it should stay. If a player decides to desert his nation, then later realises it is the wrong idea, then the player is the only person to be blamed. No one else. Not other countries. The player, who evidently picked money and apparent glory, over his country.
Where would the line be drawn? 5 minutes? 40 minutes? 1 match? 5 matches? This doesn't just affect small teams. There are many international stars not playing for the country they were born in. What would stop them from suddenly deciding to change which team they played for? "Oh you've already played once for All Blacks, but we'll pay you $500,000 if you switch to the Australia because your mother was born here, so you'd qualify." Yeah I can see how this would work...

6 Years, 3 Weeks ago

Dominiko Waqaniburotu suspension upheld for tackle on Pat Lambie

Dangerous Tackle, yes. Penalty, yes. Yellow card, possibly because of the tackle (which seemed more unfortunate but its still dangerous play) and the lateness of it. 3 matches, very harsh.

6 Years, 3 Weeks ago

Gethin Jenkins' fantastic solo effort against Namibia

It annoys me too. I really don't understand why, especially when props are getting more dynamic and athletic.
Typical "Oh we need to act funny, lets make a funny...prop...hamburger..." *lightbulb goes on*

Fantastic try though. Really poor defense, but he capitalised on it. Fantastic dummy. Love it

6 Years, 4 Weeks ago