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Dunedin Streaker gets Smashed by Security Guard Number Eight

I think that there's a couple of very good reasons for the afters. Firstly, the guard has absolutely no idea how the streaker is going to react to having been tackled, and so whilst it's not friendly or pretty, it has to be safety first. He needs to establish absolute control on the situation, and that means being uncompromising, he didn't start throwing punches or knees or twisting limbs off, he just outmuscled the bloke.
Secondly, the game was still going at this stage, and he probably wanted to get the bloke up, under control and moving as soon as possible. Which he did.
I don't really like seeing it either, but there are very good reasons for it happening.

2 Years, 10 Months ago

Flyhalf killer Courtney Lawes adds Charlie Hodgson to his list in Premiership final

I think the main reason for this is that Lawes is basically a collision specialist, not so much a tackler. The timing is incredibly impressive, but there is very little technique in how Lawes tackles, and unfortunately that doesn't work so well then the ball carrier is as big as you, or moving in the right direction.

2 Years, 11 Months ago

Bryan Habana issues apology for taking a dive in Heineken Cup Final

He was my favourite player for years, but his recent spate of exaggerated falls has left me pretty disillusioned. It seems a shame that an athlete and rugby player with so much ability has resorted to pulling this kind of shit

2 Years, 11 Months ago

Craig Burden smashes Schalk Brits not once but twice in Heineken Cup Final


2 Years, 11 Months ago

Ed O'Donoghue cleared of eyegouging after red card game changer

I think Walsh and the video ref did a great job here. The decision, and the card, were probably wrong in hindsight, but I am very happy to see a set of referees with the balls to make a massive call when it is required.
I remember watching this game and at the time I was 100% sure it was a gouge. All the stuff about marks on the face and people complaining etc is very easy to gather after the game, but in the 30 seconds they have to make a decision during the match I think this was the right one.

3 Years, 2 Days ago

Salesi Ma'afu banned for one week for punch on Tom Youngs that went viral

I think Mulipola deserves a kudos for keeping his cool there. So many players would have charged in and thrown their own, which only serves to muddy the waters and probably would have resulted in a yellow for Mulipola and Ma'afu

3 Years, 3 Days ago

The Shortball from Rugby HQ - Round 13

I hate this shortball shit. Plays of the week was funnier, faster and much more interesting, and this is essentially the same thing, just without those three adjectives. Why did they stop doing one, and start this?

3 Years, 6 Days ago

Ref Cam captures referee JP Doyle hitting the turf after ball passed his way

He has to stand somewhere. And the ball never touched him, it would have ended up in exactly the same place whether the ref was stood there or in the car park. In fact it looks to me like he was only really involved because the sale player, having over run the pass to no-one, decided to grab hold of him.

3 Years, 1 Week ago

Saracens fly through to Cup Final after dominant performance vs Clermont

Having said that I don't like it, I will now switch sides to say that I don't think he will ever cost either side 'in a big way'. My reasoning is that he doesn't ALWAYS do it. For example, his first try he had the time and space to do it, but didnt. My guess would be that he is aware of the risk (you'd have to be dead not to), and considered it to be too high in the opening minutes of a game like this one.
So he may eventually drop one, but my guess is that it'll be a score that they really could have done fine without anyway.

3 Years, 3 Weeks ago

Saracens fly through to Cup Final after dominant performance vs Clermont

In my memory they got more than just a favourable forward pass call in 2007. But either way it turned out to be the difference.
I wouldn't ever say that they got a fair deal in 2011, but I think still whining about it 2 years later is a bit pathetic when the luck they got the previous time, at home, is taken into account.

3 Years, 3 Weeks ago