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Ben Youngs cited for striking London Irish's Jamie Gibson

Three wrongs make a right ;-)

2 Years, 9 Months ago

Ben Youngs cited for striking London Irish's Jamie Gibson

Agree with pretty much everything written here beloved, the only thing I would say in defence of refs in general, is that the game moves on at such a pace that it is almost impossible to see everything that goes on. As it was in this instance, it sounded like the touch judge saw what happened and would have flagged anyway, but the pen was reversed by Young's retaliation.

2 Years, 9 Months ago

Wales seal victory with late kick in Six Nations thriller against Ireland

On the day Wayne Barnes brandished a yellow card to Ferris in an attempt to keep a degree of consistency, how much he actually saw of the whole incident is debatable as you can see (4.52) he is peering round someone to get a better view.

If you are looking for consistency then WB got it right. However, working on the basis that the match officials were implementing IRB policy, the IRB needs to clarify matters as Davies' tackle should have been a straight red - it was v dangerous and off the ball.

As for the second card, in real time it didn't look that bad, but in slow motion especially at 5.28-5.30 Evans' leg is vertical and had Ferris been able to wrap up both of Evans' legs then he too would have been driven into the ground head first. On balance, being cited is right and a ban seems likely for Ferris - and deserved.

IMHO, the tip tackle is as a result of trying to turn the tackle into an offensive weapon by driving an opponent backwards, and as a result tip tackles are virtually inevitable.

2 Years, 11 Months ago

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