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Best Tries of the Top 14 - Rounds 8 and 9

some great tries, and some great skills, but equally some god awful defending and hands in there

2 Years, 4 Months ago

Heineken Cup 2012 Best Tries - Round 1

not the best try or anything, but that pass from cirpiani was absolute class, if only he could defend, god knows the boy can run an attacking game!

2 Years, 5 Months ago

TMO advises on Ofisa Treviranus big hit on Charlie Hodgson

Not sure if that was 100% coherent, from 'this is' I'm talking about the hodgson hit not lewesy's!

2 Years, 6 Months ago

TMO advises on Ofisa Treviranus big hit on Charlie Hodgson

Right except, lewesy's right arm is wrapped he hits from low and drives up, with complete control and technique. This is a with a certain disregard to the semantics you seem fond of using a charge, with his shoulder it might not be the same as a 'shoulder charge' in league which is a deliberately employed tackle technique but it's a darn sight closer to that than a legal union tackle.

Any one with enough gym time and bravery can run at another big man and create a huge impact, it does not require skill and I'd rather not see it in the game. The lad could have easily smashed hodgson in this play legally and had more of a chance at turning possession.

2 Years, 6 Months ago

John Afoa suspended for four weeks for dangerous tackle

genius.... a yellow card? so not worthy of getting sent off but he should be banned for a week or two, those two are kind of conflicting ideas pal.

lifts the player then drives sideways if not backwards and lands at the same time as the man, pretty impressive to drive him into to the floor and land at the same time.

shit pass, great tackle, ruining the game

2 Years, 11 Months ago

Digby Ioane suspended for five weeks for tip-tackle on Coetzee

shock! of course you do, i think you two need to get a room and sort out your differences

3 Years, 5 Days ago

Gloucester and Toulouse play out a classic at Kingsholm

ah this is going to be the hardest 6 nations for me to watch and pick as a fan. I grew up living and playing for dursley rfc

charlie sharples and ben morgan came from that same dursley side but as a gloucester boy i just cant pick who should play 8 for england. both ben and narraway would both be huge assests as far as i can see.

any thoughts?

3 Years, 1 Month ago

Toulon grab bonus point try with time up against Lyon

wilko where the hell was that pass in the quarter final? Mug!

great play, i love the committment to the bp.

3 Years, 2 Months ago

Scarlets go two from two with good win over Northampton Saints

@ Johndoe/welshosprey

I completely agree, Ashton is both "shit" and "overrated" by the media.

Joint top try scorer RWC 2011
Top try scorer Six nations 2011
Second top try scorer Aviva premiership 2010-2011
Premiership player of the season for 2009/10
Top try scorer Guinness premiership 2009-2010

oh and also Rugby union try of the season 2009-2010

3 Years, 4 Months ago

Mike Tindall sacked and fined by the Rugby Football Union

Tindall should never play for the team again. We have 4 years until the next event and now we need to build, I would remove near enough any player over the age of 26. The potential quality we have in the youth is huge, and they now have experience but they need to learn responsibility, you cant get that if your differing to the old hands. Flood, Youngs, Wood, Lawes etc they have to stand for themselves not behind, JW, Moody and co.

However any rugby fan that questions Tindall's ability and place in the team, should start watching football as they clearly have missed the point of rugby. There isnt a centre in the world that controls the defensive line as well as him. Just because he doesnt run and step or take the limelight he's disregarded as too slow and one dimensional, Ridiculous! How many times has he ever been done for pace? how many missed tackles has he ever made? so he doesnt score 50m tries, have the trolls that critcise him stop to think about how many he assist?

anyone remember the grubber kick against Ireland? Anyone know who put tualigi in for his try in that games? anyone like to hazard a guess at how many pool stage tries he was involved in? Just as a pointer in the last 4 england games that Tindall's played in england conceded 0 tries in the 2 that he didnt they conceded 3. Both the tries england conceded against france can be blamed on poor defence, Manu flew up and out of the line something hes renowned for, and had rightly been pointed out as a significant flaw in his game, He didnt do that once along side Tindall.

you have to have a solid and intelligent defence before you can build a game around attack, with out Tindall england dont have this.

Just as an all know about that awesome try, the ashton one that we will cling to and talk about for years? that try didnt start with ashton, it didnt start with lawes and it didnt even start with ben youngs, that try started with a turn over, il let you guess who turned it.

3 Years, 4 Months ago