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Test Rugby Results - November 7th and 8th 2014

I'm not sure but you could be right. I'm good mates with another UK premiership ref (name drop) so will have to ask him. I'm watching it back now so will let you know my thoughts on that one when i get to it

I've been in a situation playing before where we've been defending a maul which has gone over our own line but the guy at the back didn't realise. So I flew round the back and took the ball off him and legged it. The ref let me do it but then after the game came up to me and said he'd made a mistake and that the backfoot of the maul is still the offside line even when its over the try line so I should have been penalised for being offside!

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Test Rugby Results - November 7th and 8th 2014

As for booing McCaw, i can only apologise for the idiots who were booing. The reality is Twickenham is very corporate these days and is just a chance for some d***head business men and women to show there face so they can go into the office in London on Monday and say "Look at me, I went to Twickers!!". So true rugby edicate is often missing as the true fans are often not the ones actually in the ground.

And before you say I sound like an old git, i'm 26 and work with some of those idiots in London!!

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Test Rugby Results - November 7th and 8th 2014

Looks like someone else was writing an essay at the same time as me!!

I agree with 1,2,3 and 5.

4. As for Retallick's try, I believe he can't get there legally without coming in at the side so it must be a penalty against surely?!

6. Couldn't see but the replay i caught a glimpse of would suggest possibly.

7. Couldn't tell need to see the game but possibly agree.

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Test Rugby Results - November 7th and 8th 2014

Guys, the majority of this conversation is pretty pathetic. Can't you just leave it and be constructive?

Haven't seen the other games yet but I was at the england v nz game (england supporter) and can 100% say the scoreline flattered england. NZ were absolutely exceptional the whole way because they created quick ball so often and England were incredibly slow during the phases. Jonny May's try was the one piece of play where an england back actually threatened the defence and he scored but only because of his own individual brilliance. The reality is that New Zealand were 15 points better than Engalnd and if it hadn't been for the rain would have showed it. England's line speed in Defence was also troubling. To stop NZ and SA you need to go and shut them down early. Part of the reason NZ are so good is because teams fear them (quite rightly) but if you go at them hard and apply pressure they are like anyone else in world sport and will not find it so easy as they won't have the time to be creative. Its simple.

I'd like to now watch the game on TV to really see it but i can imagine it wasn't much of a spectacle. England looked very one dimensional. New Zealand don't run big ball carriers AT people to try and win the game that way by beating them physically, they do it to create space elsewhere by sucking people in and moving the ball away quickly. England seemed to just play 1 up rugby, perhaps they had to because the ball was so slow. But the ball was so slow because danny care chose not to release it and I'm not sure why. Thats something i'll have to watch on tv. Engalnd need to be better at working off the ball and playing smarter, most of the teams in international rugby do. They've got to realise that the aim of the game is not necessarily to breakthrough there and then but to allow someone else to do so with quicker ball on the other side of the field in a later phase.

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Rugby's first ever OWN TRY awarded in NRC clash in Sydney

That is absolutely brilliant!! The commentator only makes it better! Haha

Well that TMO is officiating his last game for a while

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Sam Burgess breaks cheekbone in first minute, plays on and wins NRL title

The man is an absolute champion, fair play!

Really hope he still has time to convert and play in the World Cup. He'd be great for the England team, you guys have got genuine World Class in that boy

5 Months, 3 Weeks ago

Springboks edge All Blacks in another thriller between the two rivals

I'd just like to point out to everyone that burger joining that ruck at the end is no different to McCaw doing the same thing 4 or 5 times a game. I'm being serious! The guy plays the game so far beyond the edge that it's nice to see others get away with it too

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Friday Funnies - Team mate questions with Donncha O'Callaghan

This guy is hilarious, straight up. I can't remember which one it is either 2005 or 2009 but on the Lions DVD he was an absolute hero the whole way through and made me laugh non stop. I'm going to say 09 if you can find it. hilarious

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Georgia and Romania Rugby World Cup 2015 qualification highlights

Ha no

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England get the better of Australia with strong second half at Twickenham

1. Marler 2. Hartley 3. Cole 4. Launchbury 5. Lawes 6. Wood 7. Robshaw 8. Vunipola

9. Youngs 10. Flood/Burns 11. Yarde 12. Watson 13. Tomkins (deserves another chance as didn't get one Saturday) 14. Wade/Foden 15. Brown

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