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Castres upset Toulon with first French Top 14 title victory in 20 years

for those who don't know, Delon Armitage didn't shake Francois Holland's hand after the game.

He has apologised about it saying it was an honest mistake.

5 Years, 2 Weeks ago

Toulon victorious over Clermont in 2013 Heineken Cup Final

Thought I'd share this interesting Bakkies Botha quote from

"...Cudmore approaches Nick Kennedy a told him 'It's your first final? You don't look calm. But you've got reason not to, as I'm going to show you what French Rugby is'. Me and Andy Sheridan exploded of laughter and Parra turned around and looked at us. It was crazy. The guy was staring at us. He was wondering what was going on in our heads. Cudmore thinks the whole world is scarred of him, but who is scarred of him? Every time we met in a ruck he would lie on me, forced his elbow on my neck and said 'you like that Bakkies?' and I would reply 'I love you Jamie but I also love the score. Look up and see, you're losing man'."

This was translated from French back to English, if anyone can find the original quote or any footage please share.

5 Years, 3 Weeks ago

Clermont through to first ever Heineken Cup Final after tense win over Munster

There seems to be a lot of talk about Clermont's budget and fairness.

There is no correlation between the two. When two teams play each other, there is no thought about budget difference, it is entirely about beating the other team no matter what. When Clermont and Munster started this game, they both started at 0-0. Clermont played better, and so they won.

Grenoble beat Toulon two weeks ago, and their budget is very low in comparison.

If anyone has any evidence to show that the greater budget, the more victories - please share.

5 Years, 1 Month ago

England stay on track for Grand Slam with win over France

You might live in France but obvious don't understand what's going on. L'Equipe are just analysing the game, if there was a poor referring decision they'll talk about it.

If you think that was England's poorest performance then you should probably start watching a bit more rugby...if you would've watched the game and analysis on BBC you'd understand better.

Just because a sports paper doesn't agree with your bigoted opinion doesn't mean you have to trash talk about it. They've got great articles, maybe you need to start reading? They're not one sided, they even cited Picamoles deserving a yellowcard for tripping up farrell.

5 Years, 3 Months ago