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Filthy tackle leaves Josua Tuisova seeing red

I share your bafflement. It was pretty much a flying clothesline.

2 Months, 3 Weeks ago

Craig Barry ghosts Scarlets defence in Cheetahs win over champs

Something Christian Cullen about that try... beautiful!

4 Months, 1 Week ago

Shocking footage of vicious kick during college rugby match leads to arrest

It sounds like you were there when it happened and I have no reason to doubt what you say happened, but whatever the motive, that kick to the head was blatant thuggery and to claim otherwise is the "joke".

I am not in any way suggesting a player (or anyone for that matter) should have to accept racist remarks and just "rise above it", but there are other ways to handle this.

4 Months, 3 Weeks ago

Michael Hooper makes unwanted history with record breaking yellow card

How is it that Habana and Cudmore can have the same number of yellow cards???

5 Months, 3 Days ago

Scarlets' Steff Evans finishes sensational team try in heavy rain

Are you referring to the pass that was flat out of his hands?

6 Months, 1 Day ago

Damian de Allende apologises but should not have been sent off

Have to agree with Oui Jerome and breakaway. Maybe "plenty of time" isn't the right expression, but looking at this (especially at normal speed in the original camera shot), it just doesn't look like he tried in any way not to hit him. On the contrary, it looks like he carried on his running line so as to hit him.

6 Months, 2 Weeks ago

New Zealand snatch victory in Bledisloe Cup thriller in Dunedin

@Oui Jerome (great name, by the way!)

I agree wholeheartedly and probably should have included something in my original post (a smiley face perhaps?) to indicate it was tongue in cheek. As a Lions fan, I was embarrassed by the all the complaining by my fellow Lions supporters after the third test about precisely this point.

7 Months, 3 Weeks ago

New Zealand snatch victory in Bledisloe Cup thriller in Dunedin

Read offside at restart (21:50 of extended highlights) but no video evidence to prove it? I've seen this somewhere before...

7 Months, 3 Weeks ago

HIGHLIGHTS: British & Irish Lions beat All Blacks to keep series alive

I have to agree with Reality on Vunipola.

It's a funny one the whole "discipline" argument. Although it gets harder to argue the longer a game goes on and a player or team doesn't change what it/he is doing wrong, I think there has to be a distinction between the type of penalty where, for example, a player is just the wrong side (pardon the pun) of the referee's interpretation of a law, and the type of penalty that you look at and think "what was he thinking?". I can't recall all 5 of Vunipola's penalties, but he had at least one that I would put in the first category, where he was unlucky that Garces decided his knee had touched the ground as he joined a ruck. Sam Cane had done exactly the same thing a few minutes earlier and had won a penalty for NZ! However, conceding two penalties in quick succession that are of the second category type is inexcusable.

9 Months, 3 Weeks ago

Tusi Pisi sees red for in the air challenge during breakthrough Bristol win

The most shocking thing in this video is how Worcester scrum-half, after seeing his team-mate land like that, arrives on the scene and almost rolls him over by grabbing his shirt. Is taking a quick tap penalty that important? Did he forget everything he learned in his first aid class?

1 Year, 3 Months ago