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France leave Murrayfield victorious after Scotland scare

The Barclay tackle/poach didn't seem right when it happened live and certainly does not look right upon review. The tackler must roll away from the tackled player AND the ball. Instead, Barclay tackles, prevents Clerc from presenting the ball by hovering over him instead of rolling away, handles the ball while one knee is on the ground and preventing Parra from quick possession even though a ruck had formed by two french players in a bind over the tackled player. The fact that Scottish players had not countered the ruck does not somehow mean there was no infringment.

Even McCaw would raise an eyebrow.

Notice also that as Pape tackles Barclay afterwards, Barclay makes a forward pass in the offload as he is hauled sideways in the tackle. There are two infringements here that should never have led to a try.

As far as Rougerie's perceived in-at-the-side clearing out, he actually starts with his feet behind the tackled player and rucks the man out falling sideways. perhaps he's off his feet by the end of the ruck but he began the ruck from an onside position.
In any event, the Scots got away with one and the French may have as well. It's a wash.

6 Years, 2 Months ago