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Nigel Owens unimpressed by naughty Francois Steyn shouting at goalkicker

Superb refereeing as ever. I agree with HH, Steyn comes across as a complete tw@t. Really don't want to see the game I love and live for descending even more to the levels of soccerball.

1 Year, 8 Months ago

Double BITING allegations get Chris Ashton banned for 13 weeks

Upper limit for biting is 208 weeks according to BBC. I guess you have to physically need to remove and ingest a limb to get that?

1 Year, 9 Months ago

James Haskell humble after smashing tackle on David Pocock

Yep - I'm in two minds with this tackle. As DrG says, could have gone either way. It might be my ageing eyesight but I can't see Pocock in contact with the ground so it looks like he was taken in the air and tipped - and another few degrees and Pocock would have landed on his head/neck. I'm the first to say "play on" with this type of tackle but in the context of some of the tackles players have been pinged for over the past few years and I think Haskell was lucky with this one.

2 Years, 1 Week ago

Referee Nigel Owens puts stroppy Sergio Parisse in his place

I agree with you Dan. I think Nigel bottled the second warning at least. Parisse is a fantastic player but you sometimes get the impression he thinks this more than anyone. I never thought I would ever say this, but I don't think W.... Barnes would have let this go. Parisse was showing direct contempt of the referee ... and the refs reading of that play appeared spot on. Although Rarisse's a great player, he's a shit awful loser. And you'd have thought he would be well practiced at losing by now!!

2 Years, 2 Months ago

Stuart Hogg named Six Nations Player of the Championship for 2016

... and on his return to Glasgow ... sin-binned after 1min 40sec. But then a stunning 2nd half try and a 50+m penalty at the end to deny Ulster their losing bonus point. Highlights here:

2 Years, 2 Months ago

Referee decisions in spotlight as New Zealand prove too good for England

Regarding the Hogg incident, that was in the Millenium stadium not Murrayfield as stated above. But please anyone else correct me, as a regular attendee at Murrayfield I can't remember any replays of contentious plays being shown to the crowd - they are only shown on the TV coverage. In fact it can be frustrating as you end up texting a mate watching the game on telly to find out if it was a fair decision or not.

3 Years, 7 Months ago

Niko Matawalu beats Stuart Hogg in footrace to deny him a hat-trick

Surely Hogg's ball? He kicked it ahead and there was no opposition. I think if it was me I would have picked Matawalu up and rammed him into the hoardings again!! Mind you, I did play prop so would have already been back on the halfway line waiting for the kick-off!!

4 Years, 1 Month ago

Stuart Hogg apologises after red card challenge on Dan Biggar

Hogg is a fantastic player and one who obviously needs to be built around as Scotland go forward (and lets face it ... they can't go further backward!!). But he has to be made aware that what he did on saturday has no place in the modern game. It was not needed ... it wasn't even a questionable decision ... straight red. However, i do agree with some commentators in that this may end up in having a positive impact on him. He can only do this once, so never again. As someone who travelled to Cardiff with a number of family, at a fair cost, to only see 20 minutes of near competitive rugby was hugely disappointing. Stuart Hogg needs reminding of that in the years to come!! If I had any influence in the SRU, I would pay Jim Telfer for at least three hours to have a Telferesk discussion with Mr Hogg in a very closed room. Hogg would come out of the room hating Telfer ... but it would change him for good and for the better.

4 Years, 3 Months ago

Friday Funnies - Nigel Owens tells off Mike Brown and Yoann Huget

I'm sure I heard another Owens classic during this match. Very faint and not picked up at the time but it was along the lines of "You have actually played this game before have you?"

4 Years, 4 Months ago

Glasgow's Peter Horne scores incredible winning try vs Northampton Saints

Nice try - good mix of team and individual play. Poor tackling and by then Saints down to 14. But good to see such a try from a Scottish player. Hope he gets the opportunity to do the same in the 6N. ... and a more competitive Scottish side can only be good for the 6N as a whole.

5 Years, 5 Months ago