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Richie McCaw knee on Morgan Parra, Donald kick, Rougerie eye-gouge, and more

Donalds kick is clearly over and fair play to him on it given that it appeared he'd never get a good crack at the AB's again.

I think any suggestion of McCaw intentionally injuring Parra is a classic case of his reputation preceding him. By the nature of the game accidents happen in rugby, what ever the slow-mo looks like watch the incident again in real time, he's just trying to hit the ruck and Parra is unfortunate enough to be caught while making an effort to roll away. Many will remember Paul O Connell accidentally taking Brian O Driscoll out accidentally with his knee in a nations match against England in 2010....these things happen! In any case Trinh Duc was little short of immense for France when he came on and turned around the game.

For me Rougerie soured his superb display by the McCaw incident. It's an offence that deserves a sanction- whether it be a gouge or not, it is clear that he makes contact with McCaws eye and this sight is full of such examples which were rightfully punished. Perhaps the IRB don't want to taint the pinnacle of the RWC but on any other occasion there would be a citing......but then again the date for citing has passed so it will be interesting to see if anything is done.

France being fined for their haka response is somewhat ludicrous, if a challenge is being laid down then why can't it be accepted- we saw fiji and samoa perform theirs simultaneously so why should northern hemisphere teams be expected to stand behind the 10 metre line acting like frightened sheep?

I'd concur with Matt Williams on Jouberts decisions, terrible! It'd be great to see the overall sin-binning record of countries in the RWC and see where NZ come in. Whats more it'd be very interesting see how many times McCaw has been binned as an AB!

Finally anyone who thinks rugby dump is biased is simply deluded. I don't think there is any other sight which gives as good and as broad a coverage of world rugby. Keep up the good work

6 Years, 7 Months ago