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Midweek Madness - Twickenham Streaker dots down beneath the posts

The TMO confirmed he grounded both balls :)))

4 Years, 11 Months ago

TJ Perenara makes big hit then later gets punched in the face by Liam Messam

OMG, THE VIOLENCE!!! Since when did Rugby turned into Soccer? First, one player shoves an opponent to get to the ball and that one starts crawling on the ground, and after that, a little push of the fist to the jaw is even considered a punch??? And since when do the refs take halfbacks seriously?

Let's get realistic here, people. If they can manage 150kg/force impacts, they might as well take a little push or a pathetic quarter punch which seemed more like a friendly gesture than a violent act... Players today would do anything to start whining on the ref. There's no honor left in rugby anymore. Disgraceful.

5 Years, 3 Days ago

The Six Nations 2013 Highlights Montage

The transitions were too fast and a bit too much. My head hurts

5 Years, 1 Month ago

Classic Encounters - Hawkes Bay vs Bay of Plenty battle of the bay

Harsh yellow? Collapsing the maul is dangerous play. the ref is covered by the book.

5 Years, 8 Months ago

Shane Williams scores in extra time in farewell home game for Ospreys

In his last international against Australia, it looked to me that Turner conveniently slipped to let Shane glide over the try-line. It is irrelevant if it was a gift, and if it was it's a tribute to a great player.

6 Years, 1 Month ago

Shane Williams hanging up his boots - A farewell documentary

I'm sure we will, Stefan. 10 years from now we'll probably watch a documentary about what a great player James O'Connor was :)

6 Years, 1 Month ago

Shane Williams hanging up his boots - A farewell documentary

The vid brought me to tears, I only wish more documentaries are made about the players or the matches of this great sport.

6 Years, 1 Month ago

Cheetahs come from behind to beat Hurricanes in Super Rugby thriller

Classic Match. This is what Rugby should look like.

6 Years, 1 Month ago

Benoit August playacting after James Short lashes out

so it begins...

in the professional world where the bending and braking of rules became the trade of the game it takes one guy to force the hand of the ref to create a virulent behavior amongst others.

6 Years, 4 Months ago

Scarlets go two from two with good win over Northampton Saints

Someone up there smiled for the Scarlets. All 4 tries were strange.

6 Years, 6 Months ago