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All Blacks win the 2011 Rugby World Cup - France challenge the Haka

Ignoring some of the comments made by annoying ppl...the french try came about when the french player kick the ball out of the ruck. It happened a couple of times after and it always seem to place pressure on the ABs as it forced them to line up from offence to defence and scramble damn hard. I was just wondering,

-Is this allowed ? (genuine question here my rugby mad bros) and;
-if so under what circumstances?

all in all, I'm pretty damn happy that the All Blacks won. Thrinh Duc was absolutely magnificent when he came on, so was their man mountain of a captain. unfortunately, every game has to have a loser and it just had to be the french.

Effing good world cup all in all. 2015 is to blooody long!

6 Years, 7 Months ago

WIN a copy of the official Rugby World Cup 2011 game

Looks absolutely fantastic! 1 for my newly minted PS3 please!

6 Years, 7 Months ago