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England upset the All Blacks with famous win at Twickenham

I watched it on Prime in NZ last night and it was way closer than the reporting tells it, just goes to show that margins of error are very small in games like this. I just think that England had the ABs figured out and executed a gameplan to exploit their predictability (for once!)

They replayed the Jane offside a million times and to be honest, it looked offside from some angles, it looked onside from others. In balance, fair call from the ref.

Carter was awful, not sure why Hansen didn't replace him early(ish) on.

Don't blame it on the ref and the virus, the AB's were the worse team on the day, give England some credit where it's due.

4 Years, 5 Days ago

England upset the All Blacks with famous win at Twickenham

Very good performance indeed. But caution required...the ABs are still the best team in the world unfortunately, although today showed we could play like them for a change. Relief and disbelief in equal measure.

I still reckon Conrad Smith is THE most underrated player in world rugby though, had his hand in everything and even did a Bradley Davies at around the 1:00 mark, obstructing and holding back Farrel(I think). Deserved a stiff arm from the hooker obviously :)

4 Years, 6 Days ago