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Mike Tindall clears out Tom May after Jimmy Cowan injury

The Flying T!!!! Beautiful clearing out of a ruck!

I feel Cowans pain having done similar myself.

5 Years, 4 Months ago

Owen Farrell kicks England to victory over Ireland in Dublin

It is this type of game that is utterly gripping. Ireland had the lions share of possesion, territory yet Englands defence and unwillingness to give away any penalty within their own 10m line was the major positive from and english point of view. For that young squad, remember Ireland had twice the number of caps of the english starting 15, for that squad to goto a wild wet and windy Lansdowne and produce a solid, no frills, go out and do a job performance deserves great credit.

I counted out Ireland had 22 minutes of unrelenting pressure in and around the english 22m and could not force a single mistake from the english. Haskells yellow was inevitable after England typically shut off for that first 10 minutes after half time. It was at that point I thought o no here we go Ireland with their tails up at home this could get ugly quick.

Obviously the major talking point is Healys stamp (unacceptable) and then to charge into a ruck with a low swinging arms towards the head of a player. He had clearly lost it.

A win is a win. Winning is a habit aswell as losing is a habit. If England win ugly for the next 3 games are we going to complain at a Triple crown, 6N title and Grand slam in a Lions year with so many young talented and in form players having that ability to win tight games?


5 Years, 4 Months ago