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Filipo Levi's massive hit on Jarrad Hoeata sparks mini duel

The commentators are about to glue their pants

5 Years, 11 Months ago

Morgan Parra vs George Chuter, and Manu Tuilagi simultaneous yellow

I think the facts of the matter are that
a) Chuter was late, but not high
b) Parra "milked it"
c) The ref's wrongly thought that Chuter's tackle was high, most likely influenced by Parra

Given this, I think it is harsh that Chuter gets Yellow. Does the law allow for a sending off for a late tackle? I think given the circumstances, Chuter was stupid to go in late.

I don't want to see Rugby degenerate into a soccer style play-acting. Sure, players will want to do all they can to win, but I don't want actors when we should have rugby players. The ref's have a responsibility to act fairly and not be influenced by such behaviour. In this case they failed.

Perhaps Rolland / the touch-judge can justify themselves by saying that Chuter was late, but this does not make it the right decision.

6 Years, 8 Months ago

What is a Forward Pass?

Nice one. Got a link?

6 Years, 9 Months ago

Dominiko Waqaniburotu suspension upheld for tackle on Pat Lambie

Yes, I saw that. The french player banged his head as a result.
It was definitely a mid-air tackle and dangerous play by the AB. It should have at least been a penalty.

6 Years, 10 Months ago

Danie Rossouw's big hit on opposite number Luke Charteris

Ok, should this not be a penalty to Wales?

It was a good hit but he doesn't roll away and lies on top of the player and ball, prohibiting the release.

6 Years, 10 Months ago