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Ross Moriarty's thumping late hit on Owen Farrell in Cardiff

Maybe the coaches instructed him to go out and empty the tank all guns blazing for 50 minutes. And maybe they trusted the subs to finish the job. You can ask yourself if he would have been able to continue at this pace for the last 30 minutes.

1 Year, 5 Days ago

Ross Moriarty's thumping late hit on Owen Farrell in Cardiff

Copybook tackle. And finishing your tackle, even if it is a bit late, is the smart thing to do since the tackled player can't run a supporting line anymore.

1 Year, 6 Days ago

France's Caroline Boujard cited after reckless mid-air tackle

Everything 40 years ago was not like it is now. Hell, there was no lifting in the lineout and flankers were allowed to leave the scrum before the ball was out. Besides, as mentioned before: this was not a clash of 2 players going for the ball but a tackle on 1 player jumping for the ball.

So in the near future you expect your flyhalf to pass you the ball above your head on a regular basis so you can get your ribs tickled 9 out of 10 times and maybe 1 out of 10 times get a penalty out of it? Doesn't sound like a solid gameplan to me.

1 Year, 1 Week ago

France's Caroline Boujard cited after reckless mid-air tackle

Nice train of thought to see where we should go with these issues in the future but at the moment I just can't agree with anything you say.

There doesn't need to be 'a need to jump'. Players are taught to jump for the ball, higher and better then your opponent so you can secure posession. It's all within the laws. Like jumping in the lineout: there's no 'need to jump' there either. Unless you want to secure the ball.

The 'jumping into the tackle' argument isn't really solid either because at the exact moment she jumps, she's not even in posession of the ball. So legally she can't be tackled. Besides: to my knowledge there is no specific law concerning 'jumping into the tackle'. It falls under dangerous play and the jump itself is not dangerous. It becomes dangerous because of the actions of the Blue player.

Contrary to some other cases recently, this seems quie clear cut: Blue player doesn't contest fot the ball but goes straight for the tackle without anticipating the fact that White is going to jump and thus without regard for player safety.

1 Year, 1 Week ago

Legendary scrumhalf Joost van der Westhuizen passes away

A joy to watch on the field, an absolute inspiration in his final battle.

A bit surreal to realize that both giants in that iconic picture above this article have left us. I can honestly say I feel sad.

1 Year, 2 Weeks ago

Wales come good in second half to comfortably beat Italy

Not sure if that is the reason. I find myself becoming more and more of a tit, just by getting older.

1 Year, 2 Weeks ago

Nemani Nadolo goes full beast mode to demolish Northampton Saints

You've just got to love rugby afficionados: even discussions about faith, religion and the universe are held in a relatively polite manner.

Although I am quite curious how NZPhill/PhillNZ feels about this matter...

1 Year, 4 Weeks ago

Will Skelton carded for slap after theatrical James Davies fall

Skelton seems to be prone to this kind of stuff but ffs World Rugby: do something to stamp out play acting...pleeeeaaaaasssse! So infuriating to watch.

1 Year, 1 Month ago

Saracens secure draw with hard fought Chris Ashton try in extra time

In all honesty: nice to see Ashton still score tries.

1 Year, 1 Month ago

Tusi Pisi sees red for in the air challenge during breakthrough Bristol win

You are absolutely right. It is impossible to take all these things in consideration. If player welfare is so important, why not ban up and unders altogether? That would definitely solve this conundrum and promote running rugby.

1 Year, 1 Month ago