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France get first tournament win with Paris victory over Scotland

The Scottish try should not have stood in my opinion. I even noticed it in real time but upon further reflection the French player was quite clearly taken out by a runner off the ball and that was the gap in which Matt Scott made the break through. In fairness to the Scottish, you play to the whistle and they finished the break off with a try. But I really don't understand how the ref did not notice this when even spectators did hence the screams.

The French, however have massively under-performed this Six Nations which is extremely disappointing given their run of good form before the championship. Whilst the Scottish have had a relatively good Six Nations I still personally believe that they deserve any rave reviews? Is anyone of the same opinion? The Scots to me, seem reserved and play a conservative style of rugby and are just quite simply afraid of attacking. This frustrates me highly when they sit back for penalties to just be handed to them. Some may argue "a win is a win" but for a Lions touring season, I do not wish to see any of this fear to attack and wait for kicks. As quite frankly there are a number of goal kickers (Halfpenny, Farrell, Sexton) and a Scottish one would not be needed. In fairness, players like Hogg and Kelly Brown have impressed me this Six Nations but not to the extent they have been raved about. In my genuine opinion, no Scottish players would really warrant a start for me over any of the players. Their win over Ireland has done the media no favour and they seem to forget that Scotts only got by due to Laidlaw's boot, which to be quite honest, got them by throughout the whole Six Nations.

I do not understand St Andre though, is he that stubborn to play players out of position to coincide with his philosophy?

5 Years, 3 Months ago

Tom Varndell tip tackle on Horacio Agulla

For me personally, this was never a yellow card offense. I believe alarm bells went off automatically in the referee and touch judges' head as soon as Agulla was lift off the ground. A good, strong hit for me and no indication of being above the horizontal and I think you can see Varndell realize where the tackle could possibly end up and brings Agulla's lower half right back down.

5 Years, 5 Months ago