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Quade Cooper no-look kick ahead sets up try on Toulon debut

Tal cual, cuando lo presionan bien tiende a equivocarse y cuando no le salen las cosas tambiƩn.

2 Years, 6 Months ago

Most Memorable Tries of the 2015 Rugby World Cup

I felt that Lomu was playing for the All Blacks once again!

2 Years, 7 Months ago

Wallabies remain unbeaten to reach Rugby World Cup 2015 Final with win over Argentina

It was a good game. I'm very proud of the Pumas performance. To be honest, with the interception, losing Imhoff, Creevy and Hernandez, the yellow card to Lavaninni, I was surprised and happy that they never leave the match.
Also I agree with katman, Wayne Barnes wasn't great but the outcome wouldn't have been different.

2 Years, 7 Months ago

Argentina knock Ireland out with convincing Quarter Final win

The Top gear came here with plates that made references to the war like "FKL 1982" and that's what cause the incidents. We don't hate English people, buy we don't like their goverment policy on keeping the Malvinas islands.
And I think that most people with support us because we are the underdogs in this semifinals

2 Years, 7 Months ago

Friday Funnies - Fan gets hit on head by snow during match

I didn't know that Bad Luck Brian was a rugby fan

5 Years, 1 Month ago

Friday Funnies - The Crusaders do the Harlem Shake

Really Crusaders? just like the Blues, I think that you should ignore this stupid "dance-thing" and think about improving your game to go for the gold this year

5 Years, 3 Months ago