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How the final round of the 2015 Six Nations will be decided

Psychological factors (overconfidence VS revenge) apart, Wales could trash a collapsing Italy.
I wanted to believe that Scotland would be the big surprise of this tournament but the only surprise is how bad they manage to get when it comes to winning games. Just the opposite of Ireland.
With this french defence... I don't see the English increasing their points difference.
With a 29-0 of their own, the welsh would be at +41, Ireland would need a +8 diff and England +4...
Mmm well that is really close indeed.

5 Months, 1 Week ago

France ease to comfortable victory over Italy at wet Stadio Olimpico

I couldn't watch the game but I ve read it was a poor one. They say, to sum up, that France was bad, just not as bad as Italy... Which 'd be sad for "continental rugby".
I hope you re right then!
Heavy score, particularly this 0. But a bit flattering it seems...

5 Months, 2 Weeks ago

Mathieu Bastareaud's physical impact on the 2015 Six Nations so far

I don't like him much, but I think he's clearly one of the best french on the field this year. The problem with Bastareaud, it's not Bastardeau, it's the way others play around him. Looks like he s the only one with a bit of self confidence. After Ireland s game, PSA said that the plan was to send the battering ram a couple of times in the beginning of the match, then use it as a red herring. It wasnt PSA who decided to go on sending Bastareaud straight ahead, but the other players, mainly Lopez.
Appreciate this article because I mainly read criticism about him and I think it's not fair.

5 Months, 3 Weeks ago

Wales keep title hopes alive with win over France in Paris

I guess its the only/main explanation indeed. Those 80 players st Andre tried. Players don't seize the few opportunities they get... they have to shine as soon as you put them on and if they don't they are replaced.
Or maybe France has too many quality players but none good enough to form THE team.
An army of 80 top quality mercenaries but no 15 men team...
Boudjellal said that St Andre is stuck in the 80s, talking about guys ready to die for the shirt and all that...

5 Months, 4 Weeks ago

Wales keep title hopes alive with win over France in Paris

That's the riddle. Everybody says that those players are talented, but the team doesn't work. So one would logicaly blame St Andre. But then, what can he do when players just drop the ball (like its hot, drop it like its hot...).

6 Months, 4 Hours ago

Wales keep title hopes alive with win over France in Paris

I didin't watch the game, but still am disappointed!
Thoses french stats... how is it even possible to loose the ball so many times?
Losing the game, committing so many mistakes, and with 3-4 players getting injured.
No way it could have been a worse rugby saturday with Scotland losing to Italy.
Thank God Ireland won on Sunday!

6 Months, 22 Hours ago

Jamie Heaslip accepts cited Pascal Pape's apology but is out injured

Watched it again and again. I must say his knee seems to be way too high for a natural move, whatever the angle.
On the answer, i still believe it was classy. Sour or grievous answer wouldn't help, eventough he has every right to be. This doesn't mean it's acceptable. Maybe silence would have been a good answer too.
Regarding Pape, I do believe he s sorry that Heaslip is hurt. As a kid who do something wrong and regret the consequences. He s a fool.

6 Months, 1 Week ago

Jamie Heaslip accepts cited Pascal Pape's apology but is out injured

Not sure it was deliberate. Who can say, really?
But it's funny how St Andre "betrays" himself. He says it s not deliberate but then that you don't expect that from an experienced player.

classy answer from heaslip

6 Months, 1 Week ago

Ireland hang on against France to stay on track for title defence

He 's a classy player no doubt but he is one of the few who s been untouchable for the last couple of years. and lately he seems... absent. Not focused. Idk...not at the right place at the right time.

I like Fofana but he 's quiet bad lately. Basta = the opposite :-) He is in great shape but i don't like him. I remember clearly an action when he tries to pass to Fofana who is... 2m ahead of him. Can't blame Bast for not being able to pass

Mermoz is a riddle to me. They say he is the best in Top14. But with les Bleus he never did anything near good.

Not so long ago we lacked a good lock, no their is maybe too many possibilities. Seeing Tales at another position was intersting. Maybe its the solution, have them all playing at the same time! FTD, Lopez, Parra, Tales, Plisson, Kockott, Tillous-Borde, Doussain, Michalak, Machenaud... no more 3/4, only halves! :-) You can almost make a complete XV out of french locks!

I miss Picamoles :-(

6 Months, 2 Weeks ago

Ireland hang on against France to stay on track for title defence

France a far better side...for the last 20 min.
The stats are crazy. Before those last 20 min, it was like 65% possession and territory for Ireland, and at the end of the game it's 55% for France.

Not sure that the link was the major issue of this game. Every french player seems to have lost the ball at least once on the field. This is not Kockott's doing. Even if I agree he shouldn't be there (and not for so called patriotic reason)
Para-Lopez seems pretty obvious indeed.
Pape out, agreed.
Bastareaud's head clash on Sexton made me think of Carlos' song "Big Bisous" :-)

What do you think of Fofana? I wonder...maybe it would do him good to start on the bench once.

Speaking of wich, the bench was really convincing.

6 Months, 2 Weeks ago