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Sona Taumalolo and Yoann Maestri red carded for France vs Tonga fight

Always a shame to see punches thrown. Agreed that the first one is worst. Still, discipline sometimes requires unfairness...
Anyway, I d rather see the tries than this (even tough it's usefull to focus on these incidents). Thx RD

1 Year, 2 Months ago

Lolo Lui's huge tackle on James Stannard at the Glasgow Sevens

Nice tackle, obvious punch.

1 Year, 8 Months ago

Paul O'Connell knocks out Dave Kearney with clumsy kick to the head

Don't know the man. But looking at it several times, it's hard to believe this is just clumsiness.

1 Year, 9 Months ago

England hang on for win over Italy and Grand Slam opportunity

Italy does play rugby!

1 Year, 10 Months ago

Wales' Championship hopes still alive after gritty win over Scotland

Agreed. Joubert was ludicrious. After a scrum collapsed, he seem to be wondering "hhmm who's fault could it be?", waiting with his whistle in his hand, not knowing what to do. Legal fool. Then a scottish player say something and Voila! penalty vs Wales. No hard feeling Vs Scotland, sometimes it was just the opposite. I dont think Joubert was biased. And maybe that was the problem: he couldnt tell the good guyz from the bad guyz, having no prejudice. so he was lost and erratic. unbelievable.
I was impressed by Scotland's ability to resist. The welsh domination was overwhelming but still, mainly thanks to their boot, Scotland did a great job. If France doesnt make too many mistakes they should crush Scotland. But that'as a big "IF".

1 Year, 10 Months ago

France and Ireland draw for second consecutive year

Haven't seen the game, but well the Scot/wal one. Happy to hear that this was better. Indeed, Joubert was a complete shame again.

1 Year, 10 Months ago

The Dimitri Yachvili stamp on Racing Metro's Henry Chavancy

Disappointing from Yachvili.
When players that I like do things like that I feel "betrayed".
It was the same feeling with Rougerie eye gouge.
Why those disciplined professional players come to that? I guess there must be reasons. There are bad guys playing rugby (mainly in England he he he, just kidding). But Yachvili doesn't seem to be a mere brute.
Maybe it s consistent with their personality. When you have really high expectations, it can be hard to stand a pirate trying to slow down the ball.
I played rugby couple of years, almost never got a ban, or even a penalty against me. But then there was this game, where I had the feeling that every opponent was cheating in every possible way and the ref was asleep...
Still, trying to understand doesn't mean it doesn't deserve a sanction.

1 Year, 10 Months ago

England stay on track for Grand Slam with win over France

Thanks! I suspected something like that (both parts of it!).

1 Year, 11 Months ago

England stay on track for Grand Slam with win over France

I m not french, still I like their team. Joubert was a shame, that's so obvious. Or I don't know anything about rugby.
When an english player is down, with the ball in his hand, not releasing it, and a french player tries to reach for it, standing on his two feet, the penalty should be against the english, or am I really ignorant of the rules?
I think it's not that crazy to say France was "dominating" during 60min. They broke the English line several times. Better line-up, better scrum. England didn't look weak of course, but not threatening. Fofana's try was an "accident" (a great individual performance VS poor defense) in some way, but it's well deserved for the 4-5 times the french broke the line and looked really threatening.
I d like to know what happened, in the begininng of the match, when a french player (Parra?)seemed to hold his head in pain and Farell walking away from him. Couldn't see the origin of it on T.V... anyone knows better? Am I the only one to be irritated by Farell's arrogant attitude? This guy is not anywhere near the class of Wilkinson...
Anyway, it was a very exciting game between two really good teams and indeed, the french bench was almost as bad as Joubert :-)

1 Year, 11 Months ago

Wales win in Paris as France lose for second time in succession

Good news overall. I wanted to see these 3 together Dusautoir Picamoles Nyanga :-) Ouedraogo is a good jumper and played well but still, Nyanga is Dark destroyer n°2.
Clerc back, Mermoz out, Fofana and Bastareaud center...good good. That's a lot of power. Well organized this team should be lethal. It must be!
Great need for a strong lock. Too much uncertainty there. Competition between players can be good, but at some point there can be only one General.

As full back...not a lot of solutions, OK Huget fucked up this 2v1, but I still think he made a decent job for the rest. So I guess it must be him again. Or Clerc as full back?

1 Year, 11 Months ago

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