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Jean De Villiers injury might rule him out of Rugby World Cup 2015

I believe there are 2 things from this video:

1) It highlights a world renowned player has been injured (or any player for that matter) and provides people with a medium in which to send well wishes. (Perhaps JDV will read this site, perhaps friends of his will and will pass on the message, or perhaps neither, but it allows people to publicly show their support, which is a good thing as a community).

2) It highlights the dangers of rugby, which everyone should have some awareness of, of course play with no fear, but also respect the fact that if this happens to you then you knew the risks and you aren't going on lead a crusade against this 'oh so dangerous game'.

1 Month, 3 Weeks ago

Two fans banned following investigation into homophobic abuse of referee

Got to admit, I cried with laughter when I read about the twitter thing with the rugby players and Nigel Owens:

"Evans wrote: "Legs and ass are in bits, can't move." Thomas posted in reply: "U gotta stop hanging round with Nigel Owens!".

Evans then made an apology of sorts on behalf of Thomas: "For those ppl [people] who got the wrong end of the stick... it was from our savage training day yesterday, sorry about my friend fellow ppl.""

1 Month, 3 Weeks ago

Two fans banned following investigation into homophobic abuse of referee

I don't know actually, I sort of agree with Dan with the club suspension thing. These incidents aren't going to be too common, think of the thousands of people at a match, and the hundreds (thousands?) of clubs they break down into, the chances of getting two incidents from the same clubs is very slim, so an instant quash is probably needed, otherwise the next time it happens it'll be 10 years or so away and you can hardly imagine they'd view that as a pattern..

I do wholeheartedly agree about self policing, as long as everyone is on board with the joke then it's fine, as soon as someone is becoming alienated in a way that THEY view hurtful things are less than fine. We have black guys on our team and naturally there are borderline jokes that fly round, it's all in good nature and works in both directions, if someone were to feel aggrieved then I believe it's important to take a stance on it quickly.

We see it in soccer where fans will blindly support an arsehole player who is clearly in the wrong, JUST because he is their player!!! I'm s**t at football, I have no interest in it, but I do recall racial incidents where it's not hard to read lips yet fans were blindly defending the players, we should be working as a community.

The club is bigger than the player, but the game is bigger than the club, and we're all part of the game!!

1 Month, 3 Weeks ago

Looking back at the first ever European Cup match in 1995

Whilst looking at this completely free, information packed website from the comfort of my armchair, I'm going to have a little moan RD... We've nearly reached the weekend and from those dates it'll be an entire week from some brilliant international rugby which has yet to be particularly highlighted on here.

Of course I know things have perhaps gotten a bit tighter on the copyright front ever since you've become a big hit and have become famous - I was around in the old days (#beforeyouwerefamous), but it seems to me there's less coverage than usual.

Anyway, I shall continue to feverishly browse your website in the next few days at only the cost of the electricity in the hope that you hurry and put up something.

P.s. whilst we're on a moaning topic, lets bring out the next TSRB's :) ...tbh, you might as well, the series is surely coming to an end, next will be Penalty Kickers Feather Tackles... or something namby pamby like that...

1 Month, 3 Weeks ago

Jean De Villiers injury might rule him out of Rugby World Cup 2015

Was quite a nasty yell when I was watching the game...

Poor JDV never nice seeing any player get injured like that or injured full stop...

I was slightly amused by the commentary at the time that mentioned how 'its a bad injury so they won't show a replay'... Next clip was a replay of the injury....

Glad he got a lot of support as he was leaving, good sportsmanship from all teams/crowds.

Wondering when the weekends matches will be summed up on RD??...

With this match, I felt Wales were definitely more deserving, I just sort of wanted to see the boks win to hear what excuse Gatland would come out with next.. Have the Welsh found their new fly half? What a demon, he has to be first pick, pulling down charging props, second rows, heart on the line. Great game.

1 Month, 3 Weeks ago

Donncha O'Callaghan banned for two weeks for kick to head

Not defending this or anything, but just putting this out there: what was the other players disciplinary record like?

With everyone else, I cannot see a difference, in fact I think if there is going to be any bans etc, then DOC should have the bigger one because it was not picked up in game and punished in game...

Either way it's no surprise that the IRB (oh wait, it's called '14 year old renames IRB' now isn't it?) anyway, no surprise they can't get consistency right.. I suppose that didn't change with the name...

1 Month, 3 Weeks ago

IRPA Try of the Year 2014 awarded to Francois Hougaard and the Springboks

Thought it was some new saying or something, maybe a modern version of yorkishire(?) 'by gum'.

"He deserves the plaudits by gum, because he was involved..."

1 Month, 4 Weeks ago

Sam Burgess makes his rugby union debut in Bath win over Harlequins

I personally don't like all the hype surrounding Burgess... He's a young guy who will be joining a large squad, the squad will be whittled down to 15 players at any given time and unless all those other players are firing Burgess will become another 'nobody'. I can see it now, he gets a starting spot, England as a whole play a bit s**t, Burgess plays 'ok' but not great and then the whole nation gets deflated and throws him on the scrap heap.

There is a lot of talk on here about SBW, NZ appear to do extremely well without him, he's one player, but he's not THE player. I think there is too much hype being landed on Burgess and too much unfair expectation. Remember Ashton; regardless of your opinions on his attitude, he is/was a good player, ran hard, found gaps etc, but the second he gets a bit of a trademark "'ash splash' always scoring tries" kind of thing going on, it becomes expected... "What?! He played and he didn't score a try? useless, get rid of him"... Admittedly he was not playing well in a few aspects of his game, but the constant attention can't have helped.

Read a very interesting article on England on BBC, it mentions that sometimes selections are a bit 'unfair', one extract about how a misfiring Farrell potentially screwed up someone elses international career: "Kyle Eastmond was thrown in at inside centre against the best two sides in the world when Farrell inside him was struggling to keep his head above water. When his Bath team-mate Ford came in, he was gone from the squad."

2 Months, 5 Hours ago

Sam Burgess makes his rugby union debut in Bath win over Harlequins

Could have done some damage had it connected:

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2 Months, 6 Hours ago

Sam Burgess makes his rugby union debut in Bath win over Harlequins

I'm with reality here, it'd probably be a flailing borefest...

2 Months, 21 Hours ago

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