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Jamie Roberts excellent pick up off his toes in top Racing Metro performance

I'm sure there is something to be said about a players visible attributes which sometimes come before a players abilities...

For instance Jamie Roberts is 6'4" and weighs the same as a small elephant and he is quick, so naturally you'd say "stick him in the 12/13 shirt and have him smash it up the middle" which is perhaps what he often gets selected for with Gatlandball... the moment he tries to do something a tad more interesting people question it and say "why didn't he just smash it up the middle????"....

You see it on a different scale in club rugby, especially as juniors "no forward should ever kick the ball!"...granted it's normally a good thing - I don't have a great power gauge when it comes to kicking... sometimes I think I'm going to hoof it and it goes a quarter of the distance I get when I'm 'gently nudging it on'... but there are plenty of forwards who have a pretty good boot on them (by amateur standards) and they can find space with the boot whilst all the backs go charging forward... But that blanket 'golden rule' (amongst others) can cause problems in hindering players abilities...

Wouldn't you like to have 3 or 4 players on a team that COULD take a goal kick if necessary? So what if one is a forward??

4 Weeks, 17 Hours ago

Six Of The Best Tries from the 2014 Six Nations Championship

I don't have sky, but I remember a while back there was the ability to 'push the red button' and it would change the sound so that you're on a different sound channel I guess and it was just the referee's mic you could hear...

...Not sure whether this option is still available? If not, I can see how it could be taken away given the proximity of the referee to some colourful language..

4 Weeks, 17 Hours ago

Six Of The Best Tries from the 2014 Six Nations Championship

I believe the try by Bonneval should be struck from the record due to the final pass being made by Huget - who is a diving disgrace.


4 Weeks, 1 Day ago

Stuart Lancaster picks Nick Easter and Danny Cipriani in England squad

S'pose if you lose a unit like Ben Morgan, you have to find another tank to fill the space - and comply with your game style...

As for Cipriani, nice to see the guy get a shot after his return from Oz, felt the guy got a lot of flak when he was younger which is typical of the UK media...

Johnny Wilkinson retires and they go looking for the next Johnny Wilkinson, when Cipriani shows that he needs time to develop, they throw him on the scrap heap.

4 Weeks, 1 Day ago

Bakkies Botha not too concerned about horrible fractured finger

Bakkies doesn't do subtlety..hahaha..

The thing I don't get with hair transplants right... is that baldness is progressive...if you loose hair from the front, then over the years its going to reach the back... or if you lose it from the top, then over the years its going to reach the ears (sort of)..

So effectively sticking a wig on the empty patch (a more dynamic wig granted!) would just mean that it'll stay hairy once the rest of your dome becomes

Anyway, yes, you can do a lot with £300k a year, but it's pathetic that any footballers are making more than this!

4 Weeks, 1 Day ago

Yoann Huget gets official warning for faking injury against Bath

I don't fancy arguing minor details about this incident as we both agree Hugets act is disgraceful - but honestly at around the 1:45 mark, when the Bath player brings his hand round in an arching action to grab Huget, I would definitely suggest he makes contact with Hugets 'head'.

I don't believe there was any contact with the face in terms of nose/eyes area (as Hugets actions suggest by grasping his face) but it seemed to me there was definitely a hand which caught his jaw sort of area...

Either way, as I said, I don't wish to end up in an argument about who is worse Huget or Azam, they're both equally appalling...

...also *adjusts conspiracy inducing hat*, they're both French :D

4 Weeks, 2 Days ago

Yoann Huget gets official warning for faking injury against Bath

The thing is though, from what I recall (being too lazy to hit the play button) there was contact with Hugets face.. So he didn't necessarily fake being punched, he just exaggerated what happened to his face - which was a hand touching it...

So I sort of see the same thing happening in both videos....

Plus Huget is a wing and French, which makes it less preposterous that he fell to the ground like a sack of garlic...

1 Month, 5 Hours ago

Yoann Huget gets official warning for faking injury against Bath


1 Month, 23 Hours ago

A look at the Top International Try Scorers of 2014

...Like I said, I'm sure it's a secondary school magazine project that the IRB grabbed hold of...

1 Month, 3 Days ago

Mamuka Gorgodze finishes off outstanding Toulon team try in Ulster thrashing

Actually a very good point.

1 Month, 3 Days ago