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The Top 5 Moments from the 2001 Super Rugby Season

I actually hadn't considered how young the professional game is. Unfortunately for Larry, neither yourself nor have ever played rugby in the 70's or 80's.. So sadly Larry, it's a bit like saying to yourself "School in the 90's was better than ever before", which I'd assume you'd question with a raised eyebrow, but not actually be able to dispute having never attended school in the 90's... So all I can do is base my replies on my opinion of the game that I have known over the years.

One pet peeve is our disagreement on lineouts, you have experience "adults" performing those "waiving hand lineouts" whereas I have experienced it at school level - I can personally say it's the most unskilled rag tag disorganised part of the game, at least compared to lifting which when done correctly requires good timing, technique and communication.

As for the rest of the game 10stone10 has nailed this point in the past and with the previous comment, to add to it though:

What is the recipe for a 11 year old wanting to become a pro rugby player?
a) Practice footskills, passing skills, kicking skills 90% of the time and gym 10%
b) Practice footskills, passing skills, kicking skills 10% of the time and gym 90%

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The Top 5 Moments from the 2001 Super Rugby Season

Broken record here on my part - As a second row/back row blah de blah, I disagree with comments on lineouts etc...

Now that's over, I somewhat agree with rucking, but what the t-shirt; I believe, is referring too, is the use of boots within a ruck. I support that, rucks are too slow as a result of players having no fear of lying on the wrong side fiddling with opposition ball(s)...stick a boot on him and he's bound to move, put a boot on his hands whilst he's slowing the ball down and that minimal pressure makes them move..

Not 'over rucking' is smart play and in some ways the new laws they brought in whereby players have to use the ball within a certain matter of seconds is a positive step (albeit a retrospective "Oh s**t we've made a mistake here, lets try and double fix it.." step...) But in the past we've seen teams holding the ball at the back of the ruck waiting for time to die down and opposition pouring in to try and counter ruck and getting no where, and it was all a little too negative for my liking. Smart rugby through good technique can help reduce the need for vast numbers as now 1 player can bore through with a couple following and do as much damage as a herd of players..

You must also recognise how the design of players has altered... props, whilst still often some of the heaviest, are no longer reliant on having a beer gut to up their weight - ergo players are fitting faster and stronger, so they're making these covering tackles and spreading across the field much faster than the days gone by... Remember Keith Wood? Hardly a 'typical' hooker. Every year players are helping to mould what is a more useful shape...

I'll admit there were parts of 2003esque rugby that I prefer to modern day stuff, but bearing in mind I was still a school boy it is hard for me to know 100% on that type... as for the modern game? The lack of boots in rucks and the introduction of soccer characteristics is much more of a worry to me.

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The Top 5 Moments from the 2001 Super Rugby Season

You mean at like 1:36 where most of the 'back line' is made up of forwards? I get where you're coming from regarding shirts with collars, but how have rucks changed and how has the midfield changed? Rucks have always been about being sensible and not pouring in more people than necessary and midfields have always been the same, especially in defence!

Oh yeh, not to mention #3 involved a number 8 being on the outside of a 14... how does that work?... you know you don't have to play an entire game running around in this position:

Are you confused with 7's or something???

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Dunedin Streaker gets Smashed by Security Guard Number Eight

I'm not suggesting there was no need to keep the guy under control, but the guy said he nearly passed out because he was being choked.

As said above in my previous comment, I have a strong suspicion that there is a "certain type of person" who will go streaking... That person is; I suspect, not the macho macho bullshit kind of bloke who wants to show how tough he is, so I strongly, again suspect, that the sort of person to streak will not kick off a fuss when they're eventually caught - Unless of course they're doing it for some political agenda...

I've never seen a streaker being handled like this before.

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New Rugbydump Shirts featuring European Player of the Year Steffon Armitage

I love your comments :D

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New Rugbydump Shirts featuring European Player of the Year Steffon Armitage

Maybe send another one to Bryan Habana c/o Steffon Armitage and see if you can get him wearing it!!!!

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South Africa stun Scotland with eight-try romp in Port Elizabeth

Hmm, interesting. I know the SRU are in 'control' but I was actually wondering what procedures or policies they could implement to benefit the national team - I have no prior knowledge and have rarely thought past the managing and coaching staff... As I've said previously I wonder whether Scotland are picking a handful of great players and then the rest just make up numbers, or whether they have 15 potentially great players who just aren't gelling. Either way, if the SRU has to get involved then I'd imagine; much like the IRB, I am not qualified to get involved as I've actually PLAYED the game for a fair few years...

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Ma'a Nonu's bumps off Colin Slade with massive charge

.....Gone over my head...???

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Ma'a Nonu's bumps off Colin Slade with massive charge

That's the problem with with UK rugby (we've been here before), so much effort is placed on pointless exercises. I've been on both sides of that 3v2 training or 1v1...

We had a coach who used to get us to queue up in 2 lines, then two players would set off, run round cones at separate ends and then run face to face with one having to tackle the other... This was at a very junior level, I was definitely not in excess of 100kg's, I was indeed one of the little ones... So it became a brutal sport of "crush the small ones" by those who had a higher fat content than a stick of lard! Running with high knees was always a good way for them to squash a few noses or something... It was an utterly pointless exercise, the bigs guys could obviously run over the little ones, and the little ones were obviously not going to be able to tackle the big guys and were going to get run over.

Smashing our team mates is as well, utterly pointless, I can't imagine any player would be in the good books for writing off their own teams players such as the likes of Jonny Wilkinson, or Dan Carter etc in a training session... I actually remember we did a 1st vs 2nd team "game" which was brutal, it became a case of the 2nd team cannot do anything to the 1st team, but they could hit us around all day - We had a little huddle and decided enough was enough, we stripped the ball in tackles, counter rucked, stole lineout ball, won scrums and tackled HARD, the 1st teams morale was ruined for Saturday, and their 11 who was just back from an ankle injury was out for another 2 months with his other ankle - all pointless because of small minded coaching.

....sort of swayed from the mental aspect a little bit, but I suppose the above goes to highlight the one dimensional views to coaching..

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Ma'a Nonu's bumps off Colin Slade with massive charge

Definitely, some of the worst injuries I've had have been as a result of messing around not being focussed - Physical contact in training is by far one of the worst parts of rugby in my opinion. I have found there is this 50/50 game you play with yourself when it comes to training contact. Being 6'6" and in excess of 100kg's and being reasonably quick getting off the line, one has to make decisions in training in order to benefit the 'opposition' (other members of the team) when they are caught in the perfect spot for a big hit - There is no point lining up our own 10 and smashing him; I'm not going to get any brownie points for leaving him staggering around, so you end up checking yourself, not working 100% and potentially leaving yourself to get knocked when that same 10 decides he is going to go into a tackle 100%....of course... this is all presuming I catch the little bugger!

I fortunately have never had any big breaks - fingers, toes, a rib and my nose are the extent, but I can't imagine what a leg break would put my mind through, especially as these things take a huge amount of time for recovery.

Rugby is such a brilliant community, I do enjoy seeing the way players and separate teams can come together and look at the bigger picture.

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