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Ma'a Nonu's huge work rate and punishing charge in Top 14 final

If O'Connor was knocked out cold "but would later re-enter the contest"... then it highlights some quite scary possibilities. One, players are still not being protected, or Two, O'Connor milked the shit out of it...

2 Weeks, 2 Days ago

Ma'a Nonu's huge work rate and punishing charge in Top 14 final

Bad day at the office for that Clermont #4 *covers eyes*

2 Weeks, 2 Days ago

British and Irish Lions outclassed as silky Blues inflict first tour defeat

I'm sort of wondering if the entirety of this tour is currently being made up of players who think they are individual superstars who are able to produce something from nothing, so they're "proving" that is the case...

I don't know as I missed the game, but I hear a lot of stories of people making odd individual choices. Apparently Hogg on the weekend was forcing things...

Perhaps someone can shed some light on this?

2 Weeks, 4 Days ago

LIONS WATCH: Kyle Sinckler impresses despite disappointing tour opener

Not really sure what to make of the whole thing here... Sinckler did well at the scrums... but as an international standard prop competing against; as you said RD, players who are competing for contracts, is sort of...expected... but the yards and tackles stat is a good effort, especially when he's competing against his team mates for those figures.

As for the entire match, I don't think suggesting jet lag is much of a cop out, it's probably fair enough... new hemisphere, ground, contest, nerves etc, a lot of massively different factors weighing in on a team like the Lions, by contrast the provincial baabaas had already lost the match as soon as it was even suggested as a potential fixture, they also lost by a massive margin, so they had nothing to panic about, nothing to lose, go out there and enjoy yourselves and see if you can claim a Lions scalp... but if you don't then it's fine because we all expected you to get thrashed anyway....I guess they'll now be kicking themselves at getting so close!

Most important thing for them is that they got the win, which should at the least give them a bit of hope, however it seems like a lot of stepping up is needed and very quickly...

3 Weeks, 14 Hours ago

Tom Wood banned for 6 weeks after pleading guilty to head stamp

Hmmm, one of the rare times he's got me OUT of trouble...

3 Weeks, 1 Day ago

Tom Wood banned for 6 weeks after pleading guilty to head stamp

Go to bed Hoot, you're drunk, you were right the first time....

3 Weeks, 2 Days ago

Tom Wood banned for 6 weeks after pleading guilty to head stamp

Nah, not being funny, milking it or not, you can't stick your boot on someone's head and expect them to react favourably towards you...

I've been pinned at a ruck and seen an oppo player look me in the eye then place his boot on my face, fortunately he was smashed out the way by my brother before he put weight on me (if he ever was going to put weight on me). It's not cool kids, I'd have been happy to see Wood get beaten black and blue for that kind of shit!

3 Weeks, 3 Days ago

Flip van der Merwe sees red for clothes line tackle on Teddy Thomas

Well he's not a true Cudmore... Cudmore would have gotten up then tried to beat the shit out of anyone that was within 2 metres of him...

3 Weeks, 3 Days ago

Romain Poite takes a low blow as Jannie Du Plessis sees red in Top 14 play-off

His reaction is obviously born from frustration... But that still doesn't mean it's a wrong reaction. Frustration from being dominated is wrong, frustration from someone cheating in that manner is fair enough. 7 was off his feet and holding on...

4 Weeks, 15 Hours ago

USA botch try as Luke Morgan makes big tackle over try line

Brilliant tackle!

1 Month, 4 Hours ago