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England knocked out of home World Cup by outstanding Wallabies

I don't know how teams are picked and played, maybe what I'm about to say is actually standard in most teams. To me, it appears 'England' (coaches, an those in charge) have sat in a room and said "what sort of style do we want to play?", then when they've agreed, they've gone out and picked the team surrounding that chosen style. I personally would assume that picking the best players you've got and seeing how they form their own style and going from there would be the way forward, no?

Take Hooper and Pocock, I can't for the life of me imagine someone sitting in a room and saying we're going to pick a pack of wolves like those two, without actually seeing them perform well, it wouldn't cross someones mind.

South Africa had this incident where they were accused of not picking enough black players - So they're suggesting you stand on the edge of a training ground and say "wow, that black guy is amazing, better than the others.....but he's black, so we won't pick him"...yeh, I don't think so... But it seems to me, England could be accused of doing that (in a completely different non racist way....). Picking players because they fit some pre-determined plan, rather than because they're any good...

England seemed electric when they played Ford. Cipriani is similar calibre with his "lets play" style... I figured picking Farrell was boring but probably the sensible option for England because if they want to play 10 man rugby then he is probably the guy to go for.... but they couldn't even get that right...

On the particular game, Farrell would have been hard done by with his yellow IF he'd actually tackled, rather than checked the Aussie player. Burgess was extremely lucky not to spend 10 mins off with his high shot to the jaw - unintentional I'm sure, but seeing as it was in the same picture as Farrells indiscretion, I'd have figured it would have got more than just a "lower next time" comment from the referee...

Well done to Aus, hard luck to Eng


5 Hours, 9 Minutes ago

New Zealand win comfortably after error strewn performance against Georgia

The Georgians looked really up for the game. I think in the worlds mind it was always a case of damage control, but whatever the case, you want to make an impact and I think they did.

I'd relish the opportunity to play against the AB's, it would be incredible!

18 Hours, 52 Minutes ago

Japan claim second RWC 2015 scalp with convincing win over Samoa

I hope Japan can build on this, I'd hate to see them go backwards in the next RWC.

The standards of this competition have been incredible, but also very mixed.

18 Hours, 56 Minutes ago

Five of the Best Tries so far at Rugby World Cup 2015

I've seen this too in some cases. A reply to one person suddenly appears very much further down the page under another person. I believe it happened before the latest layout change... if that helps...

1 Day, 8 Hours ago

Arizona Wildcat's pre-match Haka has angered rugby fans

... and I suspect there was a kiwi moaning about something back then aswell....

Anyway, basically the kiwis are part of a nation as are the rest of us, "THE rugby nation", World Rugby (IRB) are a body in OUR nation, so yes I think that if the Kiwis lay down a challenge (the haka) then a team should be allowed respond in any way they please (that is not disrespectful, like mooning or something..). The kiwis should do their utmost to campaign for the allowance of a response (I'm aware there was a passing comment regarding the French response).

As for Nonu, ok, so not a maori descendent, however he is clearly a huge part of AB rugby, and an ambassador for it, so if he is whining there is no point turning around and saying "yeh but he doesn't matter" because he clearly does matter!

It was a bit of a bastardized version of the Haka which makes it even more cringeworthy.

1 Day, 8 Hours ago

Arizona Wildcat's pre-match Haka has angered rugby fans

...Whilst you state that you don't have a problem with teams marching forward, or staring it down or w/e, you guys might want to pass the memo onto Nonu, who it would appear is now the only person that gets offended by it...

2 Days, 34 Minutes ago

Arizona Wildcat's pre-match Haka has angered rugby fans

Interesting, because on any video about the Haka, there is always some kiwi who is there stating the same old stuff.. broken record?

Now whilst your comment was entirely off topic regarding this actual video, I'll proceed to add to the list.

The majority of the problem the NH has with the Haka is the response. Teams have been told they're disrespectful for standing up to the haka, marching forward, staring it down, or doing a Campese and not giving a fk about it..... There is also interference from the governing bodies on opposition responses with fines being issued (some of which have been disputed BY the AB's which just goes to show, no one really has a clue about what to do....).

So onto the topic at hand... I'd be more concerned about the usage of the haka; an extremely poor example I might add, by the Arizona Wildcats, as this appears to be a semi new phenomenon, whereas; as you already stated, the age old NH whining that surrounds the haka is just that, age old.

2 Days, 37 Minutes ago

Nemani Nadolo banned for dangerous David Pocock clean out

You're not supposed to collapse a scrum or knock the ball on, but it still happens...

2 Days, 11 Hours ago

France win comfortably despite Canada scoring some great tries at Stadium MK

I'm actually a massive fan of Cudmore.... I'm also a fan of Bakkies Botha too... so probably a trend there. I find it a shame when they're carded, but their no prisoners style is something to watch with awe.

2 Days, 12 Hours ago

Friday Funnies - Dan Biggar's bizarre kicking ritual, the Biggar Shuffle

It's quite weird.. I often wonder how they develop that style. I'm not a kicker, but I often do get desires to go to the posts early one morning and just have a play around kicking the ball... I have no idea how I could develop a 'style' like that though...

Jonny Wilkinson used to do the cupped hands thing, with a little shuffle... I think that changed over the years though.

2 Days, 12 Hours ago