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U19 player slots a mammoth 80m+ kick at training

Yes and no. Yes early on as the game starts up, no once those players behaving cynically have been yellow and then red carded.

Decreasing the value of a penalty kick would not change the fact the referee still has 2 cards in his pocket to use. Kill the ball 2 times 'in the red zone' and you'll most likely receive a yellow, this has always been the case, continue to do so and the referee can award a red. So whilst you may expect to see a rise in 'crimes', you could on the flip side expect to see the use of more cards, which would in turn reduce the amount of 'crimes' to the same level as they are now and promote the 'victim' team to go for the corner, rather than the posts.

Of course as you've correctly highlighted, this does more for the offending teams than it does for the angels, but all in all, the world might see a game which does not hugely rely on racking up points from the boot of one player.

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U19 player slots a mammoth 80m+ kick at training

Ah, yeh, as for roids, not interested. I've heard all the usual anti-roid horror stuff from those who would never touch them and all the pro roid stuff from those who regularly use them and none of it particularly grips me. The only thing that did get my attention was an ex-roid user told me how he had a dumbell in his hand and his wife said dinner was going to be a bit late and he launched the dumbell which went through a wall.. he said that was the end of roids right there and luckily not his relationship!!! or wifes life...

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U19 player slots a mammoth 80m+ kick at training

Hadn't thought of upping the conversion to 3 points, I had previously thought of raising a try to 6 and conversion staying at 2 but I'm not sure.

I agree totally that a drop goal should remain as 3, it's a lot harder (relatively speaking for those great kickers) to slot a drop goal with the pressure etc than a place kick.

Sorry, above I was not suggesting that players today are on enhancement drugs (even though some may be?!?) but it's true as players getting bigger, faster, stronger, it seems odd that the pitch would stay the same...

For instance, if long jumpers around the world started to jump over the sandpit through extra power gained with gym, technique etc, it wouldn't be long before someone said, perhaps we should make the sandpit longer, or something like that...

Fortunately this kick was wind assisted, so I think we can breathe a slight sigh of relief for now.

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U19 player slots a mammoth 80m+ kick at training

I remember Lee Evans did a sketch many years ago about forgetting all the drug bans and letting athletes all do steroids etc, he said all the events would change, "You'd have a hop, skip and where the f**k did he go?"

Someone made a flippant comment about reducing points to 2, I wouldn't mind seeing a trial of this actually. I think it would encourage running rugby more so. I believe in the 'old days' at some point a try was worth 6 points? with the conversion being 1? I like the try to conversion ratio at the moment, but I think 2 penalty kicks shouldn't be greater than 1 try - should they?

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Some of the Biggest Hits from Super Rugby in 2014

Brilliant, gets me in the mood for pre-season!

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South Africa beat New Zealand to win Gold at the Commonwealth Games Sevens

Oh just to add, my tiny little mind knows where the reply button is, does yours? xxx ;)

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South Africa beat New Zealand to win Gold at the Commonwealth Games Sevens

Changed my mind :)

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South Africa beat New Zealand to win Gold at the Commonwealth Games Sevens

Fitness... not physical condition ;)

What's this macho thing a crying canuck such as yourself is talking about. Anyway continue trolling with your many accounts, it's enjoyable.

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South Africa beat New Zealand to win Gold at the Commonwealth Games Sevens

My fitness is pretty appalling at the moment, but I would honestly love to get into some sort of lower league 7's again. I don't think I've necessarily got the pace for any 1st team local clubs (if there are any) but the s**t that 15's is going through at the moment with these awful laws just makes me want to go back to the roots/back to the primitive.. pick up the foo-king ball and run, look for support, offload, keep your head screwed on.

Perhaps it's Summer blues or something, but I feel almost fed up of 15's :(

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Shane Williams discusses life in Japan and that British & Irish Lions call up

I still think quotas would be a bad idea, but a non national team coach would be better.

I was thinking about a flipside with say a 'Pacific Islands Lions' where you could have players picked from Samo, NZ, Tona, Fiji (might have missed someone else here?). The majority of the time, it wouldn't matter where the coach was from, NZ players would be snapped up with a few other gems from the other nation to fill in some spaces. Now whilst I don't like that idea, I think it's a fair outcome when you're picking the BEST players for a Star team.

I personally don't feel that is what happened for the B&L Lions in 2013. I don't feel that anyone else in Gats position, would have looked at England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales and said "The majority of best players out of these nations are Welsh" - in fact a fair few of Gats selections were quite worrying - Matt Stevens??? REALLY?

I think also it was not just the fact he picked these players in the first place, I can see past some of that bias I suppose, but the fact he continued to play them with their poor performances, then brought in a player that hadn't played rugby in 6 months (someone said?)

It is indeed old news I suppose, the only thing I'm actually very shocked by still, is the fact he didn't pick someone like Rhys Priestland aswell...

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