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Top 5 Tries from Round 2 of the Women's Rugby World Cup

Oh give me strength.... "I playeded wugby and somebody hurteded me and it hurted my feelers"

3 Days, 2 Hours ago

Western Force axed from Super Rugby

...If you have a business, one of your stores isn't performing as expected, one step you may take is to close that store down....

Sounds familiar now rugby=business...

5 Days, 15 Hours ago

WIN the new England 2017-2018 home jersey

Are they shaving their legs too, to reduce wind resistance when running?

1 Week, 7 Hours ago

Kwagga Smith banned for 4 weeks after red card challenge in Super Rugby Final

I guess the issues are that each team these days are fielding players are sort of maximum physical attributes, therefore the game is won and lost generally speaking on minuscule events. So running fast, retrieving the ball and going again will give you a tiny bit more of an advantage... for instance, running and retrieving the ball and making a break could make you a hero, but evidently, messing up can land you in hot water...

1 Week, 2 Days ago

Kwagga Smith banned for 4 weeks after red card challenge in Super Rugby Final

But players aren't being ejected....A lot of games where players are carded of late seem to be high stakes games where one could argue the pressure of the moment clouded the players thinking.

It's hard for me to argue this red card because I don't massively agree with how these incidents are being dealt with, but cards in general have a fair reasoning behind them and I don't think fining people after the fact is particularly helpful. As I said, the sport is a team sport and at risk of sounding a bit lame, we are all 'brothers' and we all triumph through collective brilliant play and we all fail through collective poor play, we also accept triumph with individual brilliant play, therefore we should accept hardships that come with individual poor play.

1 Week, 2 Days ago

Kwagga Smith banned for 4 weeks after red card challenge in Super Rugby Final

Most of the injuries we see in these types of play tend to be to the red carded player who either gets an arse to the face or catches a knee to the head/face.

As you said, it does look bad, maybe there is potential for it to be bad. I'm sure there have been a few incidents over the many years, maybe even at grass roots level and I suspect there possibly will be something serious occur ONE day, but overhyped is definitely a description I agree with.

I think I've been on the wrong side (against red cards for these things) for so long that my boundaries are shifting... I still see this as a last second jump, but as everyone consistently points out, players are expected to think about the actions of the opposition more and more, I disagree with this, but I guess we all have to change somehow..

I do however boast that I am not particularly one eyed, so I can see this incident and say as much as I don't agree with the laws and terminology, they are the current standards that are set and as such players agree to them when they take to the field, failure to uphold their end results in punishment.... it's simple really, and as sad as it is for Kwagga to end a final like that, it is not as if it's an unknown rule or a painful second yellow... etc..

1 Week, 3 Days ago

Kwagga Smith banned for 4 weeks after red card challenge in Super Rugby Final

"The ref taking a player off the field is a really extreme move in team sports. It creates an incredible advantage and ruins the contest. The punishment does not fit the crime."

I don't understand this thought process, "ruins the contest".. In the pro level - You have 15 professional players, all these players have class room sessions, gym session, fitness sessions, within all those discipline is most probably instilled - or attempted to be instilled. The beauty of the sport is it requires aggression - sometimes the more aggressive a player is the better, but it cannot be blind aggression, it all has to be controlled.

If players cannot control themselves, in either a violent form or just an ill disciplined form, then why should they be on the pitch, and why should a team that fields a player like that be rewarded. Take the past with Jamie Cudmore, probably not the best second row out there, but pretty formidable, why should Clermont be rewarded by Cudmore being allowed to have Cudmores skill out on the pitch without any risk of punishment for his ill discipline.

Take the Lions for instance between test 2 and test 3, people were talking about how brilliant Vunipolas potential is, but how much of a brain fart he was having in test 2 and whether he was worth the risk for test 3...

Having been on the receiving end of a few yellow cards (no reds), I can firmly say I deserved most of them and that the reality is, I knew I was being a dick and I was getting away with a lot before I was caught a couple times...

The only other way I can see an alternative is a mandatory substitution, however this doesn't disadvantage a team, but teams are supposed to be cohesive and work together, so when one cog misbehaves it should affect the rest of the engine. I don't see an issue with cards.

1 Week, 3 Days ago

Kwagga Smith banned for 4 weeks after red card challenge in Super Rugby Final

I don't like that attitude of "it can affect a contest" or "I don't think 62,000 people paid to see 15v14", yeh sure we know the game thrives off views and it's good for the sport and all that, but frankly, the fans are the last people who should be thought about with a game. I mean, what it players tried little 'tricks' on the field, random little kicks or idk, pulling rabbits out of scrum caps, coaches would go mental and the player could respond "well, I thought the crowd might enjoy something different"....

Haven't really had a good look at this incident yet, but at a glance it seems like a pretty straight forward case with the recent laws...

1 Week, 3 Days ago

Crusaders beat Lions to claim eighth Super Rugby title

I don't like playing a game of assumptions... I assumed all the other team would be fat shits... didn't work out..

1 Week, 4 Days ago

All eyes on Jaco Peyper after controversial Beauden Barrett yellow card

I somewhat feel my views echo the above posts.. but...

If Barrett accidentally knocked the ball, we'd probably expect a card no? So the actions of interfering with the ball resulted in a yellow? As can be seen, Barrett interfered with the ball, either purposely or otherwise.,... So no arguments....

....What the Canes needed was a Warburton...

2 Weeks, 16 Hours ago