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Otago score unbelievable set piece try in opening round of ITM Cup

That was an awesome move...

I can see it now... someone is going to try an emulate that and get absolutely SMASHED!

1 Day, 11 Hours ago

Johan Goosen kicks huge drop goal on Top 14 debut

I'm with notso on this. On my screen it looked like the crossbar was in between the camera and the ball...

Also expecting players to behave themselves whilst off the pitch is a bit optimistic...

1 Day, 23 Hours ago

Learn more about Brad Thorn, one of the most decorated men in rugby

Interesting guy, great video. The other video beneath is great too 'his building blocks' one!

On the topic of the building blocks one, he seems like he'd be a great bloke to train with, seems like he's more interested in the effort that someone would put in that whether they can lift more or as much or less than him.

Core exercises seem key.

1 Day, 23 Hours ago

England win the Women's Rugby World Cup with victory over Canada

Womens rugby is all the more amazing when you consider this:

3 Days, 23 Hours ago

The Top 5 Best Haka Responses ever!

Sorry, just to add, it's great that he has embraced the culture of the country he was born into. But as you mentioned above, it's...well..odd..

4 Days, 9 Hours ago

The Top 5 Best Haka Responses ever!

I actually knew that one haha.. but what I meant was, there is far more weight when a pacific islander is doing what is; in general terms, a tradition that can be put into the 'pacific islands' category...

Ali Williams (heaven forbid Shane Williams ever does the haka with the same bug eyed, tongue wagging manoeuvres), is a white guy (I mean it doesn't get a whole lot whiter before you end up in the Albino section) and he is there acting as if his forefathers were on the winning side of the Boyd massacre..

4 Days, 9 Hours ago

The Top 5 Best Haka Responses ever!

I've read that the Haka was traditionally done before each away game rather than home game... but THEN I've also read that apparently it was a requirement before the game as a form of pre game entertainment and that the Maori's hated doing it Whether that is bull I don't know.

I have no problem with Caucasians doing the haka as 'seat fillers' as such, but when you see Umaga in the first ever Kapa O Pango performed he looks brilliant, 'the real McCoy'.. If you stuck a Ali Williams in there in Umagas stead, he'd look like a right twit.

I think before judging whether the haka has past it's sell by date, it might be worth seeing how the smaller nations such as the Tongans, Fijians, Samoans etc carry our their versions of the haka. Do they perform them for welcoming parties? etc..

I enjoy the spectacle that is the Haka when performed by someone who looks like they've got some decent ancestral history going on there, as long as they expect and respect the fact that by having the privilege to perform it, they also rightly open the doors to a reaction. (Well them and the IRB!)

4 Days, 15 Hours ago

England win the Women's Rugby World Cup with victory over Canada

...They may very well be, but no doubt each and everyone of them could leave you flat on your arse wondering what hit you...

4 Days, 15 Hours ago

The Top 5 Best Haka Responses ever!

Good man, I'd appreciate that. But honestly though, there needs to be more of a public announcement as to what is acceptable by the majority of kiwis (or more importantly Maori's)... I mean we've seen the Sipi Tau being performed back to the All Blacks during the Haka, so surely that is just as 'aggressive' or at least as traditionally aggressive than standing there.

Contrary to most of my comments, I don't tend to care so much what Nonu is on about, in the sense that as you've said, it appears most of the Kiwi's thought it was a way of saying 'challenge accepted'.. and lets face it, Wales got beaten then anyway. I just found it interesting that someone could take such offence over something like that but not get highlighted as the minority on the subject.

4 Days, 22 Hours ago

Magali Harvey scores Try of the Tournament contender vs France

Congratulations to the England women's team for the final win. Congratulations to Canada ladies for getting to the final!

I find it quite amusing that in some ways the women's rugby is almost rugby at it's purest... There is obviously a lot of money and business involved, but for the most part; perhaps due to a lack of huge media coverage, it comes across as a game only the purists are interested in.

Take the mens rugby world cup, you get every bloke in the land cheering for INGERRRLAND (and the other respective countries), even those that wouldn't have a clue what a rugby ball looks like and still claim a better tactic would be to stop passing it backwards and pass it forwards!

Tell them there is a womens rugby world cup and yeh sure you'll get a few pervs that would no doubt get put on their arse by any one of the female players, but the majority will be watching the game for the enjoyment of seeing more rugby and lets face it, it's high quality stuff!

It's the whole catch 22 thing, naturally it's good for the sport to have a big spotlight on it, but the more and more highlighted it gets the more and more scrutinised and prodded it can get.

Apologies if any of the above comes across as patronising, condescending or carries any other negative energy, it is not supposed to.

5 Days, 11 Hours ago

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