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Seven week suspension for dangerous tip-tackle in U20 Six Nations

Ye sounded weird. That's Nugent for you. Useless lead commentator. Irish rugby broadcast package needs a serious shake up.

1 Year, 9 Months ago

Seven week suspension for dangerous tip-tackle in U20 Six Nations

My issue is that this was rated at the mid level. How could the actions of Moriarty have been worse in order for this to be classed at the high end?
The only way I can see this being worse was if he had seriously injured McGrath. This was a matter in millimeters either way for Luke to have a career ending injury.
The fact that Moriarty is still an underage player should count as a serious mitigating factor but his record should be marked with a high end conviction.

1 Year, 9 Months ago

Cardiff Blues' Lloyd Williams red carded for alleged dangerous tackle

I must to say that I can't remember what I said and now that the comment has been removed, I am unlikely to ever remember.
Having said that I agree with all that you (Tenser) have said and that your interpretation of what I said is a sentiment that I stand by.

The frustration with those that fail to accept the laws as they stand is now baffling. You may disagree with the law but that does not mean that decisions made are wrong. The law is the same for all sides (no McCaw jokes needed).

The particular law in question and its directives are in place to prevent serious injury. They manage this by stopping it at the root where any potential serious injury from tackles of this nature could occur. I applaud this 100%.

1 Year, 11 Months ago

Bourgoin vs Agde all in brawl in France

Some lads had to go. Not sure those two deserved it more than others but nice to see they were happy to leave it on the field

1 Year, 11 Months ago

Shortlist for IRPA Try of the Year 2012 announced

Not that it matters really. It was Contepomi's once in a career double touch pass for that try that deserved a mention last year.

2 Years, 1 Hour ago

Shortlist for IRPA Try of the Year 2012 announced

The omissions from this list guarantee the award is now void of any credibility.

Landajo v New Zealand gets my vote. Whoops!

2 Years, 4 Hours ago

Tim Payne banned for two weeks for knee to Vasily Artemyev's head

Martin Leslie got 12 weeks for something similar during the 2003 world cup. It was missed during the match.

Only two weeks for this is appalling. Artemyev was pinned in a ruck and unable to defend himself. This should be in a category similar to what Saints' Clark got. TMO could do with having a rummage in the attic for the balls he left there during the summer too. Clear red card.
I am an Old Belvedere and Leinster fan.

2 Years, 1 Month ago

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