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Alesana Tuilagi straight red card for high tackle on Jean de Villiers

Not late but high and worse a straight arm with no attempt to wrap. Tuilagi makes a habit of this sort of hit and every now and again gets pinged for it.
Respect to JDV for his reaction. Great example of how a rugby player should play the game and allow the ref to ref. No "card waving" to promote a punishment there. Coaches should play this clip to youngsters just for that.
Soccer players could learn something too!

2 Years, 7 Months ago

James Horwill cleared after alleged stamp on Alun-Wyn Jones in first Test

Have you ever played rugby Murph? Those of us that have view stamping to the head with the disgust such a cowardly and deliberate attempt to injure another player deserves. Your attacks and insults on posters who disagree with your jaundiced view of this incident suggest either you didn't play or were the kind of thug the game is better off without. I'm no fan of Healy as I think he can be a dirty player at times but there was no evidence of a bite in that instance from the video I saw, whereas the evidence against Horwill is so damning I'm gob smacked he has got away with it. All I can say is he better be squeaky clean for the rest of the tests.

2 Years, 7 Months ago