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Wallabies disallowed try viewed as a major turning point in loss

Absolutely not sure Savea wouldn't have made it. I don't think Haylett Petty knew for sure either, if not why event bother and take the chance.
There is a alter of stride.
Would have Sleight scored anyway? Maybe.
Would this try have changed the game altogether? Maybe.
Either way, once the TMO calls for review there's nothing Owens can do but check the replay.
Based on the replay, the foul is there. No try. If you don't mind, I would like to remind that a foul doesn't need to be NEEDED or EFFICIENT to be a foul.
Don't blame Owens, blame Petty.

1 Year, 3 Weeks ago

Sergio Parisse harshly red carded as Brice Dulin gets tipped up in the air

It's quite true that him trying to lift the player up is dangerous, however, the TMO decision was only based on the collision itself.
For that reason it just can't be a red card.
At no point did the referees addressed what happened afterwards in their discussion.

2 Years, 6 Months ago

Felipe Contepomi's winning drop goal isn't a winning drop goal

Emotional roller-coaster that is...

6 Years, 2 Weeks ago

Radike Samo's big hit on Bryan Habana in RWC Quarter Final

- Habana's hurt
- So would you be

... EPIC :)

6 Years, 1 Month ago

Chris Hala'ufia banned for seven weeks for dangerous tackle on Olly Morgan

Soooo red :)

6 Years, 1 Month ago

Dominiko Waqaniburotu suspension upheld for tackle on Pat Lambie

A little bit harsh but it is late indeed (and the player clearly sees that the ball is far gone), it is also dangerous.
Knowing that a single game suspention would have had the same impact for the player (Fidji won't make it to the next round) I reckon the second and third games of suspention are to make an example out of the case, a warning.

6 Years, 1 Month ago

France's killer blow against New Zealand - RWC 2007

I'm expecting a flow of comments about the forward pass, but please keep in mind that the blacks then stayed 5mn in the French 40m without attempting a single drop goal....

6 Years, 2 Months ago

Todd Clever cited for off the ball hit against Russia

It's very late and quite dangerous. Yellow card for sure, not sure I would recommend a suspension though.

6 Years, 2 Months ago