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Wallabies snatch second Test victory to level the Lions series

The Wallabies came from behind to score a late try and give Christian Leali'ifano a match winning shot at goal with just minutes left in the second Test against the Lions. The Brumbies playmaker calmly slotted the conversion, giving the hosts a 16-15 win.

Leai'ifano was knocked out just seconds into the first Test, but today he showed how valuable he may have been last weekend, handly the big game pressure with aplomb to seal the win.

In what was somewhat of a reverse of what happened last week, the Lions had a last minute opportunity to kick at goal to win the game, but it was just outside of Leigh Halfpenny's range.

Not quite up there with the thrilling nature of the Brisbane Test, the game was tense and tight with many errors from both sides, but the Lions edged it at halftime, leading 12-9.

Another Halfpenny penalty gave them a 15-9 lead and with less than ten minutes left and the Wallabies hot on attack, a penalty was awarded but James Horwill and Will Genia made the big call to go for a scrum close to the line, rather than take the three points.

What followed was a famous try for Adam Ashley-Cooper, as the Lions defence finally parted and the first and only try of the game was scored with just a few minutes left on the clock.

"It was really important to retain that belief we've been working on for so many years. Six points down, there was a lot of frustration out there because possession was letting us down in terms of ball security," said the Wallabies' Mr dependable, Ashley-Cooper.

"In the end, Test match football is about grinding it out and going to the 80th minute. Fortunately for us, we were able to get the points. The key messages were possession and ball security.

"We had to get in the Lions half, hold onto the ball and build pressure. We had to get over the gain line and we knew points would come through penalties or through space."

For neutrals, the series is set up perfectly as it's now 1-1 with the decider to come next week.

"It's really going to make for a cracking final next week in Sydney," added Ashley-Cooper.

What are your thoughts on the game, and after watching today, how do you see things panning out in Sydney next weekend? 

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UpTheLowEnd June 29, 2013 1:31 pm

No penetration from the Lions back line. Tuilagi or Roberts are a must for me next week (maybe both?). One of the worst performances ive ever seen BOD put in. I also thought Vunipola was a poor choice, he started picking it up in the second half but was killing us in the first. Also, as much as I loved seeing Bowe back, he didnt look 100%, went in a bit half heartedly at the start, hopefully he's back to his best next week. I thought it was an overall good performance from the forwards but the backs were lacking, although loved seeing quick ball from Youngs much more than the sluggish throws Philips was chucking out last time round.

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matt June 29, 2013 10:09 pm

I thought Connor Murray had a fantastic impact on the lions game when he came on, I'd like to see him start next week

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Reality June 29, 2013 1:56 pm

Very exciting match. Not exactly great play from either team, but it was tense. I thought The Lions actually deserved it, although I thought Australia deserved the last one, so it balances itself.

I don't think much more could have gone wrong for the Lions. The lineout was all over the place (Best isn't the only poor thrower, it seems), the scrum was a mess, and the penetration in attack from forwards and backs was non-existent. I think picking Lydiate at 6 was a sign of how limited Gatland's gameplan was. Hopefully he'll bring O'Brien in next week and give the team a bit of go-forward ball. I thought Murray was superb when he came on - he did everything right, and seemed completely comfortable. I was disappointed with Halfpenney for not getting that last kick, because I'm sure I've seen him get them from that distance before, but if it's over 50m you can't blame the guy.

I've come to realise just how important Paul O'Connell was to the team, both as a player and as a leader. Warburton had a decent game, but the team looked completely rudderless without O'Connell there.

Hopefully Roberts will come in next week and give some penetration in the centre. Contrary to what Upthelowend above says, I think O'Driscoll had a good game but didn't get any help from his centre partner in Davies. Overall, I think the Lions can only improve for the next test.

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TheZeboFlick Top Comment | June 29, 2013 3:25 pm

I'm guessing you're Irish?

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Reality June 29, 2013 3:42 pm

Ahah, maybe I'm concentrating a bit too much on my own, but I still think it's all true.

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AlanDownunder June 30, 2013 4:07 am

It is (all true)

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getitout June 29, 2013 2:01 pm

Hope Warburton is fit for next week because he was everywhere today. Have to hand it to the Aussies, they deserved the win, correct me if I'm wrong but I don't think the Lions made a single line break. Mystified as to why Vunipola played the whole match, he stepped it up second half but looked absolutely knackered towards the end. What a finale it should be next week though!

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Guy June 29, 2013 2:49 pm

Why didn't they run the last ball as to get closer to the posts? 50 metres is a long distance at any moment during the match, let alone after 80 minutes.

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waleswasp June 29, 2013 3:31 pm

Actually 50 meters is within Halfpenny's range-but the kick was not central so it was about 56,57 meters-so it was gonna be a 50/50 kick.

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Gazpeck June 29, 2013 4:08 pm

I agree with Guy. Although the Lions weren't ever going to make 50m for the try, I think a quick tap and go, four or five phases to set Sexton up for the drop kick would have been the better option. Though if he made it it would have been cruel for the Aussies who worked hard and deserved the win.

The only attacking positive I felt for the Lions was Youngs with the quick ball. Would be nice to see Roberts or Tuilagi hitting some crash ball off it. Definitely need more muscle in mid-field. I thought Youngs handled Genia much better than Philips did too.

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Swing June 29, 2013 4:38 pm

What a game! Not a skill-fest but just about as exciting as you can get at test level.
Lydiate and Warburton. Back in tandem and immense
Parling. Huge effort from the man. Think people are forgetting the shoes he had to fill and he did so superbly.
Youngs. Jeez... this bloke's only been playing hooker a couple of years! I remember an old head telling me you don't peak I. The front row till you're 30 (load of bollocks) but this lad is only gonna get better.
Mako. In three or four years time he could be the best loosehead in international rugby. At the moment there's a lot being asked of him and I worry he's not ready.
Heaslip. When you need a dog, he's not the dog. Faletau has to start.
The bench. How badly used were they. Poor balance to start with and just had no one to make an impact. Tipuric anyone?

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dave June 29, 2013 4:40 pm

I thought it took everything the wallabies had to beat the lions today evidenced by the tackle count and Horwill's tearful reaction after the game, fair play to them they deserved the win, as a lions fan trying to be neutral I think if the lions throw everything they have at the wallabies next Saturday the Lions will have their first series win in 16 years

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BenjaJ June 29, 2013 4:44 pm

I wanted Australia to win this one because I want to see a huge final next saturday..The match wasn't very beautiful, with Australia making a lot of mistakes and the Lions not doing anything but kicking up and unders, but god what a drama !

Genia is for sure the best scrumhalf in the world right now, Falau was a real poison. Definitely a bold choice by Horwill at the end, when he chose to take the scrum rather than looking for the 3 points. Just for that moment I'm glad he wasn't suspended.

Gatland really needs to do something. He should have put Tuilagi with O'Driscoll, and O'Brien instead of Lydiate.

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bishbashbosh June 29, 2013 4:54 pm

Great test match! Hats off to Joubert for a much better refereeing display at the breakdown today. Lydiate and Warburton were immense in defence and around the breakdown, Lydiate has always allowed Warburton to have more of a free role around the park where Warburton last week played like a 6 with Croft fanny-ing about out wide. Undoubtedly Croft is a better attacking option than Lydiate, and is better suited coming off the bench.

Lions will need Corbisiero coming back next Saturday to assure more dominance in the scrum - even though Vunipola did quite well after the first few. Jamie Roberts will be crucial as well to offer some go forward ball off first phase, the key and missing part to the current Lions attack.

Today's game could have easily swung the Lions way, buzzing for next Saturday!

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DrG June 29, 2013 5:18 pm

Both teams looked nervy. The Aussies knew it was their last chance, and the Lions knew that this was their chance to clinch the series.

I personally was not too sure about BOD's performance, cracking tackle on AAC(?) but that's all most people are talking about. Lineouts just made me cringe, how could you possibly pick a bunch of Hookers who can't throw straight? I mean Best is renowned for having a slightly poor lineout throw, but for Youngs to cock some up and then (from what I hear, as I missed the second half) Hibbard, to miss some too, it's shocking. It's gifting the Aussies important ball!

I'm not sure about Bowe, although he (when fit) is a better call than Cuthbert imo, he is NOT fit, not to 100% at least. Although, maybe he was better later on.

People talk about SOB being brought in, I can't comment too much on Lydiate, I saw him make some good tackles and as much as SOB adds some real aggressiveness and weight to the mix I can't help feel he might be a bit of a penalty machine (having seen him give away a few this tour). With the test being brought right to the final and both tests so far having sod all points difference, it could be one penalty away from a loss. Of course I am happy to be corrected if SOB is not so much of a penalty machine as I think...

Someone commented on the lack of POC, I agree here, from what I saw Parling did well, and if POC never existed then perhaps there would be no case to answer, but Parling is no POC, and the leadership qualities POC possesses are fantastic, and imo, outclass Warburtons.

The danger now is 1 test left, do you really want to throw in untested players, Tuilagi hasn't played a test yet (correct?) I am aware he is battle hardened from international rugby duties, but so far not any Lions - Aussie games.

I have a feeling that the victory for the Lions today was more important as their options are now limited. Australia will come off a win, home crowd, etc etc, going to be tighter than a ducks...

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UpTheLowEnd June 29, 2013 5:36 pm

I'd definitely give Tuilagi a run out, a player of his type (goes for Roberts too) was what was missing today, I believe the Aussie back line was broken once during the game and on some of the ball that Davies was being given you felt that someone with the power that Roberts and Tuilagi posses would have cleanly broken through, creating infinitely more try scoring opportunities. IMO the back line has to change for the third test for the Lions to stand a chance of winning. The centre partnership today looked shaky at best in my eyes.

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BenjaJ June 29, 2013 6:00 pm

Let me guess... Irish ?

Lineouts aren't juste about the hooker. And I didn't remember Craig Joubert calling for a no straight throw (correct me if I'm wrong). Maybe we can also blame the jumpers or the lifters. Or maybe Australia has decrypted Lions lineouts. I didn't pay enough attention during the game.

Tuilagi has played at least against the Rebels, and I think he played also before. He is a linebreaker (which the Lions definitely need) and brings a lot of momentum and he can make the difference on one action, wich Roberts can't (I always thought that he was al little bit overrated). And he is young but not inexperienced at all.
In 21 selections, he scored 10 tries. Roberts scored only 5 in 53 selections. I know that it's not what really matters, but still. Roberts is strong. Tuilagi is huge.

And you are right about O'Brien, he is penalty machine. But the Lions need power in attack. Maybe Croft is a good middle ground.

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brawnybalboa June 29, 2013 6:32 pm

In all fairness Roberts has had a lot more firepower around him in Davies, Cuthbert and North (not to mention Shane Williams and James Hook) than Tuilagi so hasn't really needed to do much more than give a good platform off first phase and be strong in defines.

If one of Tuilagi or Roberts are healthy I would start them at 12 for the final test.

As for more power in attack, why not keep Lydiate and bring in Faletau over Heaslip? Faletau may not make the bollocking runs of O'Brien, but he consistently makes the gain line

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dave July 01, 2013 11:43 pm

brawny if you think about your statement about tuilagi having to work with less talent around him with that explaining his try count that still gives tuilagi huge credit over roberts considering England has only lost 7 meaningful games since Tuilagi has played for England

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brawnybalboa July 03, 2013 6:02 pm

Judging by your impeccable use of capitalisation, grammar and punctuation. You must be either a football fan, or a child. Come back when you can understand simple concepts and how to write properly.

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DrG June 30, 2013 11:56 am

@BenjaJ incorrect, not Irish...

Not entirely sure how you came to that conclusion when I semi criticised BOD, threw in a comment about Best, snubbed Bowe (due to injury) and called SOB a penalty machine. The only person I praised was POC....

Regarding the lineouts, the referee called at least 1 not straight against Youngs and at least 1 not straight against Hibbard. None of that has anything to do with the jumpers. Now of course 'big deal, 2 not straight' but honestly if you can't throw it straight when there is no external influences (i.e. you get to catch your breath etc) then it doesn't look good. Again at least 2 not straight, and in a game where the Lions lose by 1 point, you never know whether those 2 might have helped them close out a victory.

Of course you cannot pin a win or loss on something like that, but it surely doesn't help! I don't know the win/loss stats for the lineouts, they can be affected by the jumpers/lifters, but I have been talking about the straight lineout throws, or non-straight...

I'm not saying Tuilagi lacks experience, but he hasn't really been warmed up for a test game, I think he needs to be brought in, I just hope he doesn't need a bit of time to feel around to start with.

Croft might be a good choice, I'm not a fan personally, I like seeing a big work rate at the ruck etc, and Croft seems to spend more time floating around with the backs...

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UpTheLowEnd June 30, 2013 2:02 pm

One thing a found particularly, well lets say 'interesting' during this game was that Parling, for all the stick he's getting for the non-functioning lineout, accurately worked out the opposition lineout and jumped at the right place for a steal on three or four occasions, but for the majority of these, there were no lifters in sight! They just let him jump it alone. I felt that if the lifters had been on his wavelength we could at the very least put alot more pressure on the opposition lineout or better yet, pinch a couple.

On a side note, concerning Croft, whilst you do sacrifice some work at the break down, there aint no other back rower that I can think of with his lineout prowess, maybe stick him in to sure that up a bit? Also, if Warburton is out, am I the only one that wants to see Croft - 6, O'Brien - 8 and Tipuric - 7 ? Justification being that playing a side selected for defensive prowess (as i believe Gats did) clearly doesn't win you games, this is the strongest attacking back row I can think of.

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DrG June 30, 2013 9:19 pm

I watched the first half in piece meal whilst getting ready/dressed/eating, and the second half I saw part of on a silent screen, so I'm not aware of too many bits of the game, especially related to Parling, but a good show if he did steal ball!!!

I'd like to see Tipuric, and perhaps SOB on, although as I mentioned previously I have a feeling SOB is a man who gives away many penalties... How do you rate Faletau? I feel like it is hard to pick players like him based on performances against club teams :/ but he has played well... maybe better than Heaslip...

I don't think the back row will be changed, not that I agree with that, but seems like everyone is wondering who will "replace" Warburton, rather than mentioning an entire back row change...

This is going to be a nervy final test.

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BenjaJ July 01, 2013 7:02 pm

I believed that you were Irish because you almost only talked about Irish Players.
My bad for the 2 not straight lineouts, I didn't noticed them.

I think the Lions need new players, they seemed very affected by the defeat. Maybe Faletau, but I don't think so. O'Brien seems more likely. Maybe Murray will start the game, even if Youngs did a pretty decent game. I would also liked to see Richie Gray, even on the bench.

About Tuilagi, I won't give up. He was also injured before the Test against New Zealand in November. And he was incredible, beating them almost all by himself.

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DrG July 01, 2013 9:58 pm


Ah ok, I see where you're coming from now. Well the reason I perhaps only talked about those people was the rest of the team is somewhat spotless...

I mean the front row needs Corbisiero rather than Vunipola, but everyone knows that. Hooker (whoever it may be) needs to sort his life out and learn how to throw straight, I said 2 but I think it might be more (sounds petty with 2... lol).. Second rows seemed to work well... Back row is a dodgy concoction of Gatlands boys and an injured Warburton, so it needs an overhaul. Scrum half, possibly Murray, or Youngs, but I can see Phillips being brought back in whether we like it or not.

10 has to be Sexton. 12 needs to be Tuilagi imo, Roberts has played nothing, and so surely cannot walk into a test side as a starter!!! 13 BOD again probably, I have since been corrected as to him having a great game (I missed that)... 15 definitely Halfpenny... Wings, I suppose North, maybe Bowe?? But I think Bowe is not 100% so why start him...

^^^ My opinion of 1-15 lol...

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PAT June 29, 2013 6:37 pm

Poor game! Australia deserved it, tried to play with the ball in hand and got their try. Lions kick away possession and same old boring rugby from northern hemisphere (excluding France). Disgrace Gatland won't start O'Brien.

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themull June 29, 2013 8:42 pm

Sloppy game but still very enjoyable..with the amount of times that the Aussies coughed the ball up around the tackle are the lions should've really been able to get a hold of some possession and close the game out..unfortunately they kept giving the ball right back and there's no team in the world that can withstand that kind of pressure without giving up a try...

Agreed the backline didn't offer as much today as previously but it seemed that was more a tactical choice by gatland..It was clear that gatland told Sexton to kickup and unders pretty much every chance he be fair, his up and unders are damn near perfect but unless you have somebody like kearny running after them they probably won't pay off nearly s much as is needed at this level..

Wouldn't be surprised to see Tuilagi and Faletau brought in to freshen things up but other than i believe it's a slight change in tactics that is needed rather than wholesale player changes...people are saying that bowe didn't offer much..Sure he didn't but neither did any of the llions back three really..BOD put an enormous effort in in defence with a lot of tackles and some excellent work at the breakdown..unfortunately he was not too great with ball in hand today...

here's hoping to another great game and a fitting finale to a great tour...

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ConorL June 30, 2013 1:00 am

What a finish, what a game! So much drama. The game had no rhythm, barely any running, but was an unbelievable spectacle. We've had a two point game and a one-point game. Amazing. This has got to go up there with the tightest series of all time.

Knew that last penalty was outside Halfpenny's range. Should have tapped and run, and gotten Sexton into position for a last-second drop goal.

Pray that Corbisiero is fit for next week, because Vunipola just isn't up to it.

The people knocking BOD really need to re-watch the game. He was immense in defense (14 tackles to Davies' 7) and was the primary reason the Lions held out as long as they did. Yes he made some mistakes (eg. the intercept), but he didn't miss a single tackle, unlike Davies who missed 3 (including the one for the match-winning score). I think either Roberts or Tuilagi (whoever is fittest) needs to start at 12 next week, to give the team a bit of go-forward ball.

SOB HAS to start next week. Seriously, what more does he need to do? The fact that he only played the last 15mins, and yet finished top of the ball-carrying stats tells its own story.

Looks like Warburton has done his hamstring, so with that in mind, my back row for next week would be 6. Lydiate 7. Tipuric 8. O'Brien. Or maybe 6. Lydiate 7. O'Brien 8. Faletau. Either way is good.

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AndrewM June 30, 2013 4:48 am

Excellent defence by the Lions, that and the Halfpenny metronome nearly did the job. But only Oz looked like scoring a try through the backs and when they finally did it won them the game. So glad to see Vunipola get penalised a couple of times for boring in. Dwyer saying the Lions were cheats was over the top, but he was right about Vunipola who looked pretty ineffectual once his only trick was taken away.

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MBland June 30, 2013 2:45 pm

Wheres Jonny when you need him?

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DrG June 30, 2013 11:57 pm

lol... If's, maybe's, but's aside, it does make you wonder if the Lions would have a series victory now if JW was on tour...

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Lucius June 30, 2013 2:47 pm

Lions play a boring rugby

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AndyBoy June 30, 2013 4:51 pm

Gatland gambled on giving the Aussies the ball and letting them play from deep, relying on quality defence. To be fair, it almost worked but credit to Australia in sticking with it and coming up with a try.

Lots of mistakes, lots of pressure, with lots of handling errors as a consequence. Some good performances in the Lions (Sexton and Warburton in particular) but absolutely no penetration and poor stats getting over the gain line.

Looking forward to next Saturday!

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SuperPumper June 30, 2013 5:50 pm

Real missed opertunity by the Lions early when they could have gone for the lineout to force another penalty (yellow card). Could have changed the game dramatically.

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themull June 30, 2013 6:21 pm

Yea I only really realised that when I rewatched the highlights but that was a huge mistake now in hindsight...they had just pulled the maul down twice and one more infraction and they'd be down to 14 for ten minutes...they might not have gotten the try but being one man down would have been hugely significant at a point in the game where the lions were actually on top...

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stroudos July 01, 2013 5:31 am

Disagree. In no way can you guarantee that the Aussies would be stupid enough to give away another penalty for the same offence after the ref and their captain have just made it clear there's a yellow card coming if they do. Eight minutes on the clock, 0-0 on the board - take three easy points every single time.

Similarly, quite a few people have been saying they should have tapped and run that last penalty to set up Sexton for a drop goal. How many drop goals has Sexton slotted this tour? Halfpenny's been banging kicks over from all over the park all tour. Ignore the commentator who said 48m is his maximum, I've seen him kick penalties from this distance before.

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themull July 01, 2013 1:42 pm

Perhaps you're right and it's not really that I criticize them for taking the three points..As i said while watching it live I didn't even notice the opportunity I was so glad they had managed to open up their scoring..but considering they had already given up the chance for three points by going for that lineout, going for it once more would hardly have been a stretch? by the looks of it it was very likely that the Aussies would either give up another penalty or a pushover try...

Regarding the last penalty i did feel at the time that it was a very hard kick for halfpenny to take..Sure he's knocked kicks like that over before but not at the very end of perhaps one of the most gruelling matches he's played in...Sexton may not have kicked any drop goals this tour but he has it kicked plenty throughout his career so I still feel it was the wrong call..they had huge momentum and another quick penalty would have put them within range if the Aussies were to infringe again.>or they could've tried to work their way into drop goal range..

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Reality July 01, 2013 4:31 pm

I'm with Stroudos here. If they had gone for the lineout and maul again, maybe they would have gotten a try or managed a yellow card, but they also might have messed up the throw (which was quite a common occurence), Australia could have defended it well, they could have had a truck and trailer - there was no guarantee it would have paid off. Maybe they would have scored, but at that point in the match with no points on the board, I'd say the penalty was the best option.

Similarly, for Halfpenney, if I remember correctly, he was the long-range kicker for Wales while Stephen Jones/Priestland was the short-range kicker. I'm certain I've seen him get them from 55m, and that was 53 according to the graphic that came up on the screen. You're right in saying that Sexton is no stranger to dropgoals - on the contrary, he's gotten big dropgoals on big occasions - but again, considering that Halfpenney has kicked from that range before, it would have been madness to run the ball and risk knocking it on, getting turned over, going backwards etc. As well, if Halfpenney didn't feel confident, he could have said it and they could have run the ball instead. He stepped up though and personally, I thought he was going to nail it. If it had been Sexton kicking from 53m, I would have run it, but with a proven long-range kicker in Halfpenney, I think it was the right call to kick it. Well, in hindsight it wasn't, but at the time I think it was.

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PiratesRugby July 01, 2013 6:06 am

I was at the game. The tension was immense. Great linespeed from both defences. The Wallabies attack is starting to come together but was always under pressure from well organised and committed Lions defence. Perhaps there was an extra try out there for the Wallabies but the Lions were never going to just let them have it.
The Lions seemed to go into their shell a bit on attack. Unfortunately they lived up to the stereotype of boring british penalty hounds. Of course that's unfair when you consider the tour matches and even the first test where the Lions attack seemed potentially lethal.
I think Folau had North's number on Saturday night. Happy to run around him and take him on in the air. That tackle was a hoot. Bit worried for North when he came down and was holding his neck but all seems okay.
Fair play to the Lions fans who flooded Melbourne throughout the week. Absolutely great fun. Enjoyed their company at the pub and at the ground. A packed ground and a passionate crowd but not a hint of trouble. My apologies on behalf of right-thinking Wallabies fans who believe that a penalty kick can be taken without booing and whistling from the opposition fans. Some Lions fans did it too but we were much worse.

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Rawling July 01, 2013 8:22 am

"The Brumbies playmaker calmly slotted the conversion"

Too calmly! You're only allowed 90 seconds for a conversion, but the try was scored at 74:55 and the conversion kick (actually the start of the runup, to be charitable) was at 76:37...

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Steve July 01, 2013 10:19 am

Warburton's out, so O'Brien has to start - he made the second highest yards out of anyone on Saturday (after Sexton) and was on the pitch for less than 20 minutes. I think O'Brien, Lydiate, Faletau as the back row would have a good balance to it, with Tipuric on the bench. Or start Tipuric instead of Lydiate

Roberts and BOD in the centre would be worth a shot to see if they can get the spark back from the last tour, and if it's not going well bring on Tuilagi for BOD

I thought Bowe played well - wasn't really given any good ball but chased every kick - forced at least two knock ons from Beale, caught an up and under, and put in a few good tackles. Gets through a lot more work than Cuthbert

And start Grant instead of Vunipola

Also Murray was great when he came on, but don't think he'll get on the team or bench this weekend which will be tough on him

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mrjmmlc July 01, 2013 10:03 pm

call up sheridan!!! lol

sheridan hibbard jones (lets kill them in the srum!!)
awjones parling
croft heaslip obrien
muray sexton
north roberts bod bowe

youngs corbs cole gray lydiate phillips farel tuilagi

we need to attack and kill them at the set piece! croft for the line out and runs out wide!

realisticaly sheridan is not coming so corbs to start and grant on the bench, screw vunipola, liability at the srum as proven twice!!!
we also need a lock on the bench.
muray played well deserves a chance.
centers are just not working, jon davies out. tuilagi needs to be on the 23! if roberts is unavailable have tuilagi start and cuthbert on the bench.

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dave July 01, 2013 11:46 pm

fuck grant, that guy is a huge reason we lost to the brumbies

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