Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Midweek Madness - Committed schoolboy puts head down, tackles referee

We've seen various incidents over the years involving referees getting too close to the action, and they're usually quite popular as everyone enjoys a laugh, apparently more so when it happens to involve a referee.

Last week we saw Wayne Barnes hit in the face from a Munster clearance kick, and then there was also an amusing, albeit scary, clip of big Opeti Fonua's charge that knocked down a referee.

This one is slightly different though as it took place in Ulster schools rugby. It was was submitted by a user recently and while it's not what we'd usually post, it had to be shared.

Watch carefully as Josh Fullerton gets beaten by the flanker's step, but head down and committed to the tackle, he takes out the referee (accidentally, of course).

It's possible his coach said 'Tackle anything that moves' before kickoff.

View some of the aforementioned clips, and more funnies, in the Related Posts below. There's one there that shows Mike Blair tackling the referee in a Springboks vs Scotland game in 2006.

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