Friday, September 21, 2012

Hardest, Fastest, Strongest - Carrier, Runner, & Big Hitter

Who is the strongest ball carrier you've seen? What about the quickest runner, or the biggest hitter? These are debates that fuel rugby fans' forums and pub chats constantly. In this new feature, the players themselves give their opinions.

This new segment features some excellent footage of some brilliant players, and is shown on Sky Sports' Rugby Club, which as with it's Australian namesake, is on a Thursday night.

The first three of the segments are put together below in one video, making for a really enjoyable and thought provoking few minutes. Who would you choose?

While most of these guys answer from the point of view of having played against - or with - the players mentioned, as armchair pundits we can only judge based on what we've seen.

With that in mind, leave a comment below to let us know, in the three categories, who in your opinion is the 1) Strongest Ball Carrier, 2) Fastest Runner, and 3) Biggest Hitter you've seen?

Enjoy the video, and hopefully we'll bring you more of the same in the future.

Thanks to Sky Sports/The Rugby Club

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