Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Flyhalf Tom Takes the Stage in Toulon, with Jonny Wilkinson

For the last decade Jonny Wilkinson has been one of the most recognisable players on the planet, and an idol to young flyhalfs the world over. One lucky guy was selected to not only meet him, but travel to Toulon and train with him too, thanks to Adidas. 

Tom is a flyhalf who has idolised Wilkinson for many years, and after entering the Take The Stage campaign, was picked to travel to France for a one-on-one kicking session with the great man.

"Jonny Wilkinson is probably one of the most famous rugby players in history. He changed flyhalfs, and the way people look at flyhalfs," said Tom, who was whisked away to Toulon.

As you'll see in this great video, he took full advantage of the time he had over there, and not only learnt valuable lessons in technique, but also picked Jonny's brain when he could.

"This is where you do it. Without hard work, it's definitely not possible," said Wilkinson after being asked how he keeps his focus when having to take an important kick. 

"You have to have done a certain amount of repititions in your life, and gone through a certain amount of hard times, and learnt enough to be able to say sod it to 80 000 people, who may be booing you, and wishing that you're going to miss.

"You earn the right to win, and to have your moment.. you earn the right to do that."

If you think you've got what it takes, prove it at, and you too could be training with a famous athlete in not only rugby, but your other favourite sports too.

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