Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Nick Mallett's son wins car with incredible crossbar challenge kick

The Six Nations wasn't the only big thing taking place around the rugby world this past weekend as the Cape Town Tens Rugby Festival produced a fantastic once in a lifetime moment for one lucky individual.

Doug Mallett, son of former Springbok coach Nick, got the opportunity to kick for poles from the ten meter line after his name was drawn as part of a promotion for storage company, Stor-Age.

The competition was run throughout the weekend and Mallett junior was part of a handful of hopefuls who were randomly picked to take part in the contest. Another knockout round followed and then he and two other finalists took to the field during halftime of the main final.

They had one shot at it and as luck would have it, Mallett's kick hit the right spot, winning him a brand new Golf GTI valued at R365 000 (£30k).

The video has a viral look to it, but it's one hundred percent genuine, and Doug's reaction said it all.

"I cant put it into words. It's completely ridiculous," said Mallet, who plays rugby for the Ikeys Tigers. "It's stupidly lucky I mean.. I'll never hit that in one hundred thousand times ever again!"

To which the MC sharply replied, "As anyone who's seen you kick under pressure will know..."

Rememeber Stuart Tinner? Check out the related videos below for two more legendary kicks

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