Monday, October 10, 2011

The Rugby Club Plays of the Week - RWC Pool stages

At this stage in the tournament it's safe to say that for many of you, the Rugby World Cup experience is well and truly over. You've either left your side their to do battle without you, or you're wallowing in self pity, wondering what could have been. Either way, the fans at the tourament have been fantastic, as we can see on this edition of Plays of the Week.

The man with the plan Sean Maloney has a special guest join him this week, and like a good Australian, she's all about the best tries from the Wallabies. We get to see three classics from the tournament so far.

There's a bit of a mention for Heinrich Brussow's face clutching effort after Paul Williams decked him in the Samoa game. Red card, but plenty of debate about that one. View the full incident here.

The Tonga upset of France was also a massive moment of the tournament, and as this edition of Plays features some of the best stuff from the pool rounds, we get another look at that.

Hits, collisions, and some crazy fans are also included. Check out the related links below the video to view some of the incidents in full, and below those you can click on the Rugby Club Plays of the Week category link if you fancy viewing a few more episodes of Plays. Enjoy.

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