Thursday, September 22, 2011

James Pritchard penalised for off the ball push on Vincent Clerc

On Sunday France and Canada played an intriguing game of rugby with many talking points, with one in particular bringing back memories of an infamous incident in the 1995 World Cup. Here's another look at what happened a few days back.

In 1995 the Canadians were, as always, not going to back down from a physical challenge. The incident between Pieter Hendricks and Winston Stanley actually happened in pretty much the same spot as this weekends, which involved Vincent Clerc and James Pritchard.

As with '95 when James Dalton and Scott Stewart came running in, this one threatened to kick off as some of the French players obviously took exception to Pritchard's push, and perhaps more so, the way he showed little regard for Clerc after contact.

Other than the lack of concern, there was probably nothing in it though. As pointed out by the commentators, if the boards weren't so close, there would have been no issues. Assistant referee Vinnie Munroe felt otherwise, and recommended a penalty to referee Craig Joubert.

There were a few of you who wanted to see the incident again. Let us know your thoughts.

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