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The History of Rugby - Parts 14 & 15 - Final

The History of Rugby - Parts 14 & 15 - Final

It's dragged on a bit, but today we've got the 14th and final parts of the thoroughly enjoyable History of Rugby documentary. It started with the games inception, and two and a half hours later, ends just before the 2003 Rugby World Cup.

Looking back, the first episode was posted on here exactly a year ago, so hopefully those of you that have been following along have enjoyed it. The opportunity to catch up on how the game was formed and what's happened over the years is not something to be scoffed at, so no matter where you come from or which team you support, we'd like to think you've found value in it.

Two weeks ago part 13 covered the Five Nations and went right up till the 1999 World Cup. That's where we pick up in part 14, but as England didn't have a great World Cup, the documentary then skips ahead.

In fact, the rest of the documentary focuses on England and how their star rose in the build up to the 2003 World Cup. You could say it's because it's English made, but it's also perhaps a fair reflection of the time, as they were a powerful unit that as we all know, went on to take the title.

Ironically that is where the documentary ends, just before that tournament. Perhaps in time we'll get to see an updated version that covers the next eight years, including this years World Cup in New Zealand. Time will tell though, and if or when it happens, you can be sure that you'll get a chance to see it right here on RD.

Enjoy the rest of this one (22 mins total), and if you did, please leave a comment to say so, and share it with your friends. Both parts are listed as a playlist below. Or you can catch up on all episodes via the History of Rugby archive page .

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