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School Of Hard Knocks 2011 - Episode 2

School Of Hard Knocks 2011 - Episode 2

The first episode of this year's School of Hard Knocks seems to have gone down quite nicely here, so rather than delay things further, this is the second episode of the thoroughly watchable rugby show.

In episode one we were introduced to the show as they did some recruitment for players, which wasn't as straight forward as they'd have thought. In fact it was quite a challenge at times. This week, in episode 2, we learn a bit more about some of the personal stories behind the players.

A visit to see Mark Prince turns out to be quite inspirational for many of the guys, as it was last year when Prince was visited in his boxing studio. This time it's more about the talk, but he also pushes them to their limits with some work outs and a motivational chat that proves to be life changing for many of the troubled youngsters.

One of the highlights of the show is when some of last year's participants return to give a talk on how staying in the program turned out to be one of the best things that has happened to them, with things turning around in their lives, including now playing rugby regularly.

Time: 25:16
Note: Thanks to Sky Sports

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