Monday, February 14, 2011

Are Rugby players romantic?

Are Rugby players romantic?

In case you've forgotten, today happens to be Valentines Day so to all those hardened rugby players out there, don't forget your loved ones and please, if they say they don't want anything this year, don't believe it.

It's an old trick. I've fallen for it many times. As we get towards this evening, I'll probably find out I've been had again. So the safe bet is to get out there and make sure you take some initiative. If you're single, well then this day is for you as you'll be spending all your money on roses, chocolates, and whatever else you think will impress the object of your desires.

This is a rugby website after all so lets swiftly get back on track and tie things in to the game again -are the men at the top of the most macho sport on earth romantic? Do they go out of their way to woo the ladies? There probably isn't a definitive answer on the topic.

It is quite amusing to hear some of them talk about it though, as the responses were mixed when a few Aviva Premiership players were asked by Sky Sports and The Rugby Club recently.

So did you drop the ball today, or stay focussed and bring out your A Game?

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