Friday, February 04, 2011

As long as we beat the English - Kelly Jones - Stereophonics

As long as we beat the English - Kelly Jones - Stereophonics

To continue the build up for tonight's big game between Wales and England, here's a short video to stir the hearts and souls of Welsh rugby fans, whose passion for beating their far larger neighbours knows no bounds.

As you can imagine, keeping things impartial and having a good mix here on Rugbydump is one of the ongoing challenges of the day to day running of the site. Keeping everyone happy is, admittedly, not an easy thing to do but when a chance comes along to show a great clip, no matter who it favours, it's worth doing getting it up on here for everyone to enjoy.

For the English, we had a big tackle by Tim Rodber a few days back, some interviews yesterday, and then later today will have a deeper look behind the scenes within the camp. For the Welsh fans, a far smaller nation but with huge passion for rugby, we'll hopefully have a chance to get up some match highlights from a classic game from a while back, as well as post this great clip.

Of course there are more than those two teams playing this weekend, but there's no doubt that this is the biggest game of the weekend when it comes to rivalry, history, and passion.

The clip posted here is just a bit of fun really, but something I thought was worth sharing as we all know that the English and Welsh love the banter. Kelly Jones of the Stereophonics came up with this song about ten years ago, and its been shown sporadically on the BBC ever since.

It's surprisingly catchy actually, no matter where you're from, so hopefully you enjoy it and get a better sense of just how important it is for the Welsh to beat their powerful neighbours, with whom they share such a rich history. Enjoy.

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