Thursday, October 14, 2010

Nick Abendanon's try saving tackle on Zee Ngwenya

Nick Abendanon's  try saving tackle on Zee Ngwenya

Biarritz beat Bath 12-11 in a low scoring but tense game at the Rec on the weekend. Bath failed to take their chances in the Heineken Cup home game, but this quick clip is of a nice try saving tackle that was requested earlier in the week.

Bath scored an excellent try via Michael Claasons that followed a fantastic piece of quick hands by Olly Barkley, but it was Dimitri Yachvili of Biarritz that controlled matters as he kicked four penalties to make sure the visitors left with the win.

Barkley did have a chance late in the game to have a crack with a drop goal, but for whatever reason Bath chose to move the ball wide, resulting in a turnover and a blundered opportunity. Coach Steve Meehan has since said that his team needs to grow up.

"It's actually quite difficult to put into words," said head coach Meehan. "We played a very good first half - we got all the decisions right - but a few technical penalties went against us in the second half. And then with four minutes to go, we had an opportunity to win the match, but we didn't take it."

"We've got to grow up and take the points. It's straightforward, it is about being ruthless, getting the job done and getting it through the sticks. Simple. Drop-goals and penalties win games. They kick the penalties and keep the scoreboard ticking over. We had the opportunity and didn't take it," he added.

Besides the try, there was another highlight for Bath and that was this well timed tackle by fullback Nick Abendanon as speedster Zee Ngwenya got the ball in a tiny bit of space, all he needs usually. If Abendanon hadnt committed then, the flying Eagles wing would have been gone for all money. A memorable moment from a frustrating day for the home side.

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