Sunday, September 26, 2010

Best tries of the Top 14 - Round 7

Best tries of the Top 14 - Round 7

Thanks to the help of one of Rugbydump's most valued contributors, today we've got another Top 14 Best Tries compilation for you, this time from Round 7 of the fascinating French competition. There's a few outstanding tries in this round.

As always, these clips come to you a little delayed because theyre actually only broadcast about a week after the matches actually take place. So by the time you see them, its not really news as such, but more just a great compilation of quality tries.

With that in mind, a wrap of the scores and results isnt all that necessary. If you do however prefer it that way (scores/results summary), then please say so and we can revert to that way of posting these clips.

Otherwise, enjoy the action as there were some wonderful tries scored. Youll have seen some of them on here already, namely the Montpellier classic tries and the one from Joe Van Niekerk against Clermont. What you didnt see from that game was the Clermont try to Wesley Fofana, so you can see that now. It was also a very good try.

Jerome Poricals effort against Stade Francais deserves mentioning too, Florian Ninard scored a nice try for La Rochelle, with Seru Rabeni featuring three times in the build up.

As we catch up on the latest action, please dont be shy to make requests by dropping RD an email or using the requests section . The site is driven by user interaction and feedback, so as always, its very much appreciated and encouraged. Cheers.

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