Thursday, August 19, 2010

Womens Rugby World Cup 2010 launch

Womens Rugby World Cup 2010 launch

A lot of you out there may not realise it, but the women's Rugby World Cup kicks off on Friday in England as the best female rugby players in the world converge to fight it out for the trophy that New Zealand currently holds.

Speaking ahead of the tournament, former World Cup winner and Sky Sports pundit Will Greenwood has said that it will be the biggest moment of the women's careers.

"For athletics it is the Olympics, for cricket it is the Ashes, for men's rugby it is the World Cup and for Women's Rugby it is this," said Greenwood.

"This is it, this is the pinnacle, and they are all looking in tremendous physical condition. There is always time to make the right decisions and you must have total faith in each other, total faith in your coach and trust your fitness to suceed."

The tournament will take place over 17 days and will be broadcast live around five continents, with the UK & Ireland having most games live on Sky Sports. Outside of that, you can watch the matches streamed live on . If you are in the UK or Ireland, you can get them delayed online, on demand 24 hours after the game.

There will be pressure on host nation England in front of their home crowd, an experience that Greenwood says will be very special for the women's team, especially as it's the World Cup.

"Our girls go into the tournament as second seeds and clearly the Kiwis are on the horizon and are always the team to beat but there are so many cracking teams and it is going to be a wonderful tournament," he said.

Has anyone got any insider info or predictions on who the top three sides will be in the end?

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