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The History of Rugby - Part 3

The History of Rugby - Part 3

In this next part of the History of Rugby documentary, we once again get taken back and are able to view some fantastic historical footage from classic and significant matches in the history of this wonderful sport.

We learn more about the racial tensions that existed in South Africa, and how their tours, both incoming and outgoing, were affected by the governments policies.

On a more positive note, we learn more about the formation of two great sides that are still in existence today The British Lions (as they were known then), and the Barbarians.

Lions tours back then were a far cry from what we know today, as they lasted up to six months, and could only be attended by those who could afford the trip.

Sadly, war took the lives of many a great player, as was evident when twelve players from the 1914 Test match, between Scotland and England, died in battle.

Later on, we see how the game once again changed with new tweakings of the laws. The scrum formation also changed, as described in great depth by former Lions and Wales player, Vivian Jenkins.

Time: 09:45

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