Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Midweek Madness - Jerry Collins' slightly misdirected hit

Midweek Madness - Jerry Collins' slightly misdirected hit

The quarter finals of the Heineken Cup produced some excellent games of rugby with close results and plenty to talk about for the fans. Biarritz against Ospreys in San Sebastien was one of the more eventful matches of the weekend.

The match included the excellent try from Zee Ngwenya and ultimately ended in a missed dropkick and a referee call that many felt was completely incorrect, thus resulting in Ospreys exit from the competition.

Perhaps Jerry Collins knew it wasnt going to be a great game for him as fairly early on in the first half he made one of the hits of the season, despite the Biarritz player not having the ball and being nowhere near the action.

The clip was requested by a few guys who wanted to see it again, not only for a chuckle, but simply because it was quite bizarre how far off the ball it was. One can only think that Collins stuck his head down and committed himself to the hit very, very early on.

He was penalised only, and upon reflection, was perhaps lucky to get away with just that. Luckily injured flyhalf Julien Peyrelongue (edit) recovered after a few minutes strewn on the turf.

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