Friday, February 19, 2010

Schalk Burger welcomes Carlos Spencer back to Super Rugby

Schalk Burger welcomes Carlos Spencer back to Super Rugby

A few weeks ago I posted a video and article about Carlos Spencer, and his return to Super Rugby after five years away from the tournament. Schalk Burger, accommodating as ever, took it upon himself to welcome King Carlos back.

Speculation was rife about how Spencer would perform at the age of 34, and after only forty minutes of game time, hes already been written off by some members of the media and had his lack of spark blamed on his time up north.

Spencer was substituted at half time in his debut match against the Stormers, and while his actual performance wasnt bad, he was pretty quiet and lacked the fizz that fans will have been used to seeing.

Coach Dick Muir was disappointed with the way he played, questioning if perhaps his time playing in the north was the reason for the lack of attacking play he showed.

"For Carlos, having played in the northern hemisphere as long as he has has restricted his vision a little bit," Muir said.

"But certainly the individual doesn't lack vision. For me, it is just some old habits that are there that he has to shake off. We've had a good chat this week and I'm really confident that he will do the right job for us," he added.

This is just a quick clip showing the welcome that Spencer got last weekend, as Stormers captain Schalk Burger gave him a fat lip as he slipped into the tackle. It doesn't look like anything at first, but you can see how long it takes him to get up, and the impact in the replay.

Hopefully things will go better for Spencer tonight, as hes been picked to play the Chiefs at Ellis Park in round two of the tournament. Well be watching closely.

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