Thursday, February 18, 2010

Ruck 'n' Roll Years - The Sixties & Seventies

Ruck 'n' Roll Years - The Sixties & Seventies

There are no Six Nations matches this weekend, but to stay with the tournament I've got a great video for you today that comes from a BBC series called the Ruck 'n' Roll Years. It features all the best news, music, and rugby action from the Five and Six Nations championships.

Today you can watch the best of the Sixties and Seventies, as the show goes through the years to recap the greatest moments of the tournament, and gives you a little extra as it tells you what was going on in that year.

Its highly recommended and has some great music to go along with it some that some of younger rugby fans probably wont know though unfortunately. The footage has dual meaning, as its informative value in terms of historical moments both on and off the pitch make it a valuable, and thoroughly enjoyable watch.

Starting in 1963, the year in which Britain experienced similar weather to the start of 2010, we head all the way through the Sixties as we see the Beatles fans hysteria when Paul McCartney gets married to Linda Eastman.

Tom Jones plays out as Wales take the title in 1969, before we head into the Seventies and 1972, where the British Embassy in Dublin has to be evacuated after Bloody Sunday. The tournament isnt completed though, amidst security fears.

In 1973 we see bizarrely see a five way tie as it comes down to a mixed conversion by France against Ireland at Landsdowne Road.

The late Seventies so famously belonged to the Welsh, as a string of legendary players dominated the championship to the point that only Ireland and France won another Championship tournament in that decade.

Once again, if you have ten minutes to sit aside and watch this today, its highly recommended and will no doubt bring back some great memories for the older guys, and reveal some classic moments for those whove never seen such footage. Enjoy.

We'll feature the best of the Eighties, Nineties, and 2000's on here soon. Please leave a comment or drop us an email if you enjoyed and have a favourite moment on here.

Time: 10:41
Note: Thanks to the BBC for a brilliant series.

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