Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Jerome Schuster cited for headbutt against Munster

Jerome Schuster cited for headbutt against Munster

As suspected, Perpignan prop Jerome Schuster has been cited for what looks to be a headbutt on Munster flanker Denis Leamy during their recent Heineken Cup match at the Stade Aime Giral.

Schuster was yellow carded upon the recommendation of the assistant referee, who was a few metres away as Schuster was pulled to the ground by Leamy. He then overreacted by driving into him with his head.

He will face a disciplinary hearing on January 13, specifically for striking with the head, which is in contravention of the Law 10.4 (a) - A player must not strike an opponent with the fist or arm, including the elbow, shoulder, head or knee(s).

If found guilty, the shortest possible ban Schuster will receive is four weeks.

The middle of the range sanction for striking with the head is 8 weeks, while top-end offences carry a punishment of anything from 12 weeks and up. The maximum a player can receive is 2 years.

If Schuster does get suspended, he will miss Perpignans last two pool games against Northampton and Bennetton Treviso. It might not bother them too much though, as theyre already out of contention in Pool 1, following two losses to Munster, and one to Treviso.

With all the evidence laid before you, would you ban him, and if yes, for how long?

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