Monday, September 21, 2009

Joe van Niekerk gets overexcited and swears up a storm in the post match huddle

On Friday we featured a clip and interview with Toulon lock Ross Skeate ahead of their big clash with Toulouse. As expected, the match was tight, but Toulon upset the powerhouses, winning 18-13.

Emotions ran high and after the match the delight was evident as the last few minutes were a frantic affair. A TMO decision after full time had the stadium on edge following a botched Toulon clearance.

It went their way though, and they won the match thanks to the boot of a certain mr Jonny Wilkinson, who kicked all 18 points for his new side.

Freddie Michalak, opposing flyhalf on the day, has since stated that he thinks Wilkinson is back to his best.

"He is without doubt back to his best level. Each time he came into our half he scored points. It's important to have someone like that in your team," Michalak said.

Shortly after the final whistle, pumped up captain Joe Van Niekerk got his side together for a typically emotional speech, showing that he has quite a way with words. Excuse the French.

Time: 01:02
Please note: Big Joe's choice of words might not be suitable for younger/sensitive viewers.

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